Sunday, February 08, 2009

First finish for the year

I loved stitching was so simple. The colours were great. The linen was stiff...almost like hessian.

Blue Bird Zipper - Bent Creek

Once finished I wondered what I could do with it. Then I had a brainwave. You know how I said I was going to tech this year....well I decided I needed a bag/satchel to carry my books in. So I took myself off down to the library and looked through some books, found a pattern, then I went to the op shop and found some heavyish blue curtain fabric... 2 metres - more than what I needed...for $2.50. Noticed that the blue of the fabric was the same as the blue on my blue bird. So my blue bird stitching had found a home. On the front flap of the satchel.

Here it is all finished for school tomorrow :)

It didn't take me long to make the bag and it was therapy in that it took my mind off Zoe for a little while.

Thankyou so much for all the lovely comments about Zoes passing.

I'm all set for my lunchtimes at tech. We get an hour, I can go home for lunch...10 minutes away...or else if it is raining or I don't feel like going anywhere, I have some stitching and I also have all my unread issues of the Gift of Stitching on a flashdrive so I can read them on the tech computers Hows that for planning to use my time efficiently.


Andie said...

And it looks absolutly gorgeous!!! Congratulations on your Happy Dance! :D

Rowyn said...

What a fantastic bag, it looks great.

Good luck at school tomorrow!

Von said...

Congrats on a truly fantastic project! Keeping busy is good therapy.

Cindy said...

That is an excellent bag! I am sure that you will find it very useful at school as well!!! I just love that design!

Hope school is going well for you!