Sunday, November 16, 2008

More Stash

I have been flat out the last 2 weeks with work, and have been so tired when I get home, that not a stitch has been stitched :) or should that be :(

However I did get some goodies in the mail from The Silver Needle in USA. I had to wait for a while for the Shepherds Bush kit...that didnt bother me and my credit card thanked me for the delay.

Bent Creek Blue Bird Zipper, Shepherd's Bush Happy Wishes Fob,Just Nan When Barnabee Met Bella Biscornu + the 2 pieces of fabric to stitch it.

I have one more order left and then thats it for a while...the New Zealand dollar has dropped really badly against the US, so prices aren't too flash. But still it was cheaper to get these things from the US rather than Australia where I also saw them for sale.

So the next 2 months until the next lot of full on meter reads, (I still have daily reads but its more relaxed), I will be devoting my time to stitching and gardening, and preparing for Christmas. I have all my presents sorted so thats a weight off my mind.

I sat down last night and considered selling off some of my Thomas Kinkade kits and Paula Vaughan books. The rationale for that was that I will never stitch them. I used to have a lot of Paula Vaughan charts but sold them and replaced them with the books. I was ready to enter all the kits and books onto the NZ auction site and couldnt do it...I just couldnt bring myself to getting rid of them. Even though with both designers their own work is so similar with each picture...I still love them. I tried to look through the TK kits and choose one to keep, but couldnt do that either. Another thing is I know I wont get a good price for them, because I think half the time with the NZ auction site, people expect things to be almost given away.

Maybe its just one of those things. I guess I am not the only one that feels this way about things collected in stash. We know we will never stitch them...but to get rid of them is definately out of the question :)

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Rowyn said...

Great new stash Margaret.

Sometimes it's nice just to have stash, even if we know we'll never get around to stitching it.