Friday, October 17, 2008

How to get rid of an UFO quickly

The other day I decided to have a big tidy up of my craft cabinets....targeting all my stitching stuff so I would have things more organised, so I could find them quickly if necessary. I went to the Warehouse and brought a large 5 drawer plastic container...this is where the most important things will be kept. A drawer for each of the following....kits, patterns, fabric, UFOS (thats scarey) and threads and accessories. All my backup threads and accesories will be kept in my old craft cabinet. I also have a thought with the new container...if there is a fire or a natural disaster (like the roof blowing off the house - which could happen with the tornados and gusts we have round here - I witnessed it happening in our neighbourhood a few months ago), I can grab it and save my important stitching stuff. Ok sorry thats family and pets would come first...then the stash!!!!!!!!

Now while I was sorting things out I found my by Kats by Kelly that was partially finished. I dont have the pattern now...but I looked at what I had done and thought there was enough of a picture to make a gift for my DH who is away on a promotional course up north. So I made it into a flatfold...did it last night while watching tv. And I am pretty happy with the results :)

Making a flatfold was surprisingly easy...and it looks a lovely tidy finish. And what a great way to knock a UFO off the list and add something completely different to my 50 projects list :)

I am off to the Salvation Army shortly to drop off clothes and unwanted bits and pieces to their op shop. We gave them half our house load when we moved into our little house, because we wanted to declutter and also we didnt have much room. Well now I have found more stuff.

Also I will drop off my Operation Christmas Child box. Some of you may be familiar with this. Its run by Samaritans Purse, and you fill a shoebox for a needy child in a poor country. You just pick the sex and age of the child and go for it...filling the box with toys, hygene products, small items of clothing and educational products.
My daughter and I really enjoyed doing this, especially knowing the joy some little girl will get from it :)


vEr0n!c@ said... is so cute and your finishing is lovely. Gotta try my hand at making a flatfold someday soon.

Rowyn said...

It must be a spring thing, I've just decluttered my craft room tonight too!

I love your flatfold finish, it looks super!

How do you get involved in Operation Christmas Child? I'd be keen to do this.

Lana said...

Love the flatfold! Good job on finishing a UFO