Monday, September 29, 2008

The Dragonfly

I finished another mosaic project. This is the other 'Funky Glass Art' kit that I got from the Dunkleys Craft show. I really enjoyed doing this dragonfly, I love the colours and mosaics is one of those crafts where you don't really have to think much...just let the creativity flow. I have this hanging in the sun porch by the front door and on a sunny day it absolutely sparkles.

I also have another stitching finish to show you...I actually finished the stitching last year and added the fabric frame early this year, hung it up by my front door, in the sun porch and completely forgot to take a photo.

Still, 'Above the Clouds' rules my life...sometimes I don't know why I started it, but I know it will look stunning once finished. I think as I have said before TW designs drive me batty with the excessive amounts of colour sure is a challenge.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Beach

Well no stitching to show but I couldnt resist posting some photos I took on my phone while I was at the beach with my daughter and my dog this afternoon. It wasn't a overly sunny day, quite overcast in fact. The beach is just over the road from our house and its nice to wander down there in all types of weather. Nadia was engrossed with throwing sticks into the water for poor old Zoe to retrieve. We even met with a surprise as we wandered along the beach.

Nadia & Zoe on Blaketown Beach, Greymouth on the West Coast of the South Island

"Bring that stick back Zoe, I want to throw it again!"

"Ok, this is the last time I will throw it, I promise - yeah right"

Look what was watching us a little further down the beach...a young seal.

One last look over its shoulder at us, before the young seal heads back to the water - I don't think it was too keen on Zoe.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

I need to wake up & smell the roses

I think I have been feeling sorry for myself when I worry that no one reads my blog. I realised that unless I participate more...whether posting regularly or commenting on peoples blogs, I am not going to generate any interest in my own blog.

I have had yet another change in my life....this is for the better I think. I actually thought I had posted about it, but I must have deleted the post before publishing it.

A couple of posts ago I said we were settled into our new house and I had a job as a butchery assistant. I have left that job. The upshot of it was I couldn't handle the cold temperatures I had to work in. The work was fine...I didn't really have to extend my brain to do it. I went to the Dr who gave me a medical certificate recommending I get shifted out of the cold climate. The pills I am on play havoc with my joints as it is, and the cold was getting into those joints and at times I could hardly move. Anyhow the supermarket weren't having that...because of my hours...they didnt want to move me. I put up with it for a while longer...I was sick of the pain and the tears every Sunday night when I knew I had work again the next day (I suffered from really bad mondayitis) so I resigned.

It was stressful because of our new mortgage and with my wages I was paying the rates and buying the my vehicle costs, clothes and stitching stuff. We were comfortable. Now I was not going to be able to contribute anything much. I went for job interviews and failed miserably with them. Then a light went on in my head and I decided to ring the company I used to do meter reading for.

Now guess what I am doing........they needed someone to do reads on the coast, because one man comes over from Christchurch (3 hours away) and the other comes up from Central Otago. And you know what is even better...I get a vehicle...I am getting a silver 5 door Toyota Rav4. I will be working for the Central Otago man who contracts to the people I used to contract to. And he is relieved to have someone over here on the coast. Yippee. Basically I will be doing the 2 monthly all the special reads (that I used to do when we lived down south). They are going to change some of the reads so I can do some each month and it is being worked that I will get paid as much as I got at the supermarket but for less time. And I get a vehicle. And I get exercise too and see various parts of the area.

I worked on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday....and it was wet and stormy...and wouldnt you know it, the weekend is beautiful....and next week it is forcast for wet again...and I will be out in it...again. But I am happy. I dont have to stress about finding babysitters for school holidays, my daughter can come with me, I am back working outside which I love and I am happy that I will have more 'me time' too.

When I handed in my resignation, my DH said God will have a plan for me, and he was right!

So thats why, despite being happy about my employment situation, I was a little disheartened with no blog comments, no stitching and basically no one to share my hobby with.

On the health front generally everything is good. I passed another year of tests with flying colours. I spoke with my oncologist who said I could stop taking the pills if I wanted because there is no way the cancer will come back...but I am happy to carry on with those for a while yet...I dont want to take any chances.

My DH is happy with his promotion to Sergeant, lots more responsibilities for him...he just come back from yet another course. My daughter loves her new school, and going to Girls Brigade and just the extra opportunities that are here in a bigger place to what we normally live in.

I will have more stitching time again yippee. I need to get started on some Christmas ornaments and finish 'Above the Clouds'. But because it is a Teresa Wentzler design it is not the easiest. Thank goodness it is only a small picture. I really really want to get on with all the beautiful designs I have on my 50 projects list.

Oh another thing...that exercise scale thing I had at the top of my blog has been removed...there was no way I was going to complete 3000 ks. The thought was good when I wasnt working. I still regularly walk and cycle but not to the extent of when I was in Reefton.

Gosh, sorry, I just realised that this blog is like a novel...does it make up for the lack of posts this year? LOL