Friday, March 21, 2008

Still here

Yes I am still around. Just letting everyone know I am still present on the internet. We have finally settled in our new house, and have just removed the last of the boxes...we still havent found everything though. I have a new job, a butchery assistant (can you believe that!!!) so with that and my firearms vetting work, I dont get much free time. I am stitching "Above the clouds" for my DH, and really havent done much since we moved. I want to finish it so I can carry on with more stitching on my list.

I wish everyone a HAPPY EASTER...............

On Sunday morning my daughter & I are driving back to Reefton (an hours drive) (where we have moved from) to celebrate sunrise on Easter Sunday. Then we will spend the day there celebrating Easter Sunday with the various churches. I really miss where we moved from, but get to see plenty of the locals who travel from Reefton to Greymouth for their shopping.