Saturday, November 03, 2007

Quick Service

On the 25th October I ordered some stash from ABC Stitch Therapy in USA, and it arrived this morning (Saturday). Since I have been working...the past 6 weeks, I have been treating myself with little stash buys. I have a few more lots coming...I have had a good spend up on WDW & GAST threads. Anyhow here is the stash I received today.

One Sheep Open Sleigh by Waxing Moon designs,

A needle minder (cat) by Kelmscott Designs and

4 WDW threads...Gunmetal, Aztec Red, Carrot & Palomino

This is the first time I have seen WDW threads and I love them...I cant wait to see all the others I have ordered.

We are going to be buying a house soon in another town, because my DH has just got a promotion, and there are no houses there that come with the job. We are moving to Greymouth which is 45 minutes away (where I used to go to have the chemo done) I already have a couple of jobs lined up, so all our money is going to go into a my stash buying will come to an end. This is why I am making the most of it now.

Not sure exactly when we are moving, but it will be in 4 - 6 weeks time...right on Christmas - yippee!!!! We went and had a look at some houses today....its all very exciting.

**Ok, ok, so I have broken my 50 projects rule....but I had been looking at this new chart a couple of weeks before I typed out my list...I was waiting for a sale to happen before purchasing LOL. And I need the threads and all the other threads that I have ordered...well I need them too :) I have added the chart to the list on the side bar.