Saturday, August 25, 2007

Another year older

Where has the time gone. I had a lovely birthday on Wednesday. Went out to dinner that night and had yummy Indian.

I didnt get get any stitchy presents, but thats ok, my DH really spoilt me with a new Marin mountain bike, roof rack for my car to carry my bike (it takes a bit of effort to get the bike up there though...have to build up my arm muscles), bike riding gear - socks, high vis jacket, and bike shirt, a carrier for when I do longer trails and have to carry a bit more stuff and a wireless bike computer to tell me how far I have biked and how fast etc.

And then last night DH gave me a brand new computer. Now my computer at the moment is only 2 years old, but lacking in memory and other bits and pieces, so now I have a super duper big capacity computer, with lots of RAM etc and with a 22" wide screen monitor ( for the visually impaired me thinks). DH also brought himself a bigger faster gaming computer, because hes found his computer at the moment is struggling with some of the new games out that he likes playing.

So over the next few days I can see myself busy with putting all my stuff onto the new PC. Then my daughter can have my old one.

My order from Wyndham Needleworks arrived and I absolutely adore everything I got. Just love those Elizabeth Designs patterns.

2003 Just Cross Stitch Christmas ornament Issue,

Awake The Dawning Day by Blackbird designs,

Black Crow Cottage & Old Stone Church by Elizabeth Designs.

My daughter, Nadia has taken to stitching again after I tried to get her interested about a year ago when I was in hospital. Shes doing a fantastic job and really enjoying it. This flower picture I will make into a hanging ornament for her...she has already picked out the backing fabric.


Singular Stitches said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Von said...

Happy belated Birthday!! I think a new mountain bike and accessories, plus a new computer definitely makes up for a lack of stitching related gifts, lol! Can't wait to hear about your new biking adventures and how much you're enjoying that 'puter! :D

Margaret said...

A belated Happy Birthday. It sounds like you had a great one. Hope you tell us all about your biking adventures.
Love your new stash. You will have such fun stitching these lovely designs.
Nice to hear your DD has picked up stitching again. It looks great so she must be enjoying herself.

AnneS said...

Hope you're enjoying that new computer - some great ED designs you've got there! :D (Sorry, I'm sooooo behind in blog reading these days!!) Hope your health is still positive too since your treatment has finished :D {{hugs}}