Thursday, July 12, 2007

A gift for a dear friend

Gosh its been a while since I posted. No excuses really...just havent got round to it.

I finished this scissor fob and pincushion for dear stitchy friend Andie, who Ive known for a long time. A story goes with the reason for stitching these, but basically I did it because shes always just been there in times of trouble and because I wanted too. Also I ran a scissor fob exchange on my New Zealand Yahoo stitching group about 18 months ago, and Andies partner decided not to stitch anything after committing to the group - dont you just hate that! We all had mixed partners and Andie actually stitched a beautiful fob for me, so I thought I would make one in return for her, seeing she missed out.

I am still busy knitting that same aran cardi....almost finished - not much more to go.

Then when that it is finished, I will get back into serious stitching mode - famous last words huh? I have some WIPs to finish...Maxs Moon, Pukeko, a picture I designed for my DH listing his places of employment ( celebrating 14 years), and I also want to stitch TW Dragon petite (Above the clouds) picture for him as well, maybe for Christmas or his birthday in February. I also have this years Christmas ornaments to do, so I had better get cracking...what am I doing on here, when I could be knitting or stitching.


Von said...

There are so many things to get round to!! At least you have some stitching to show us to explain some of your time away. :D

Nice stuff too!

Itching To Stitch said...

Pretty finishing, I'm sure you friend will love it ;)

Gramma said...

Nice to visit your blog and see some of your stitching. I followed the link from your MichaelPowell group post. Nice to meet you!

Margaret said...

Thank you so much for your anniversary wishes.
What a pretty finish for Andie. It's so sweet of you to make something for her when her exchange partner didn't come through.

DebVA said...

Very nice. Hope you received the Alphabet Heart freebie chart.