Saturday, April 21, 2007

One More Gift

I have come home for the weekend after having 7 treatments of radiation. All is going well, and I head back to Christchurch on Monday morning. Its quite a novelty to spend time in a city...but its so noisy. Really nice to be back in our sleepy little town...quite a different comment to what I would have said a year ago :) I have been walking and biking around Christchurch in order to keep my fitness up, so that is how I am mostly spending my time, now I have been in so many shops. I think I am almost shopped out now :)

This is the first opportunity I have had to update my blog. I can now post photos of a birthday gift (needlebook and scissor fob) I made for a dear friend of mine, Sy, in America, as she let me know she had received it. I didnt want to spoil the surprise and post it on my blog just incase she happened to spot it on there.

The design is a freebie - Angelas Scottish Thistles by Twisted Oaks Designs....

The stumpwork picture I am doing is almost finished, not too much more left on that.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Another gift

Some friends of mine will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary on the 10th, so I thought I would make a little gift to give them. Just a simple heart to hang up in their house :) The colours seem washed out in the photo, but I used DMC light effects for this...they are much easier to use than the old metallic threads. I am going to make a card which matches the heart.
I head off to Christchurch on the 11th to start radiation on the 12th. Its nice to have a confirmed date now.
I have changed my avatar to a more Autumny look. And my hair is about that length too. I never really lost it all, so it is coming back quite quickly. Not as brown as that though. As my daughter told me...beautiful grey and white streaks :) At this point I am not in any hurry to dye it.