Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Finally something to show

I have been busy stitching various things...both lots are gifts for friends...and I have given myself plenty of time to finish them. Its been hard trying to concentrate with my stitching as with the hot flushes I have been experiencing, I lose concentration really easily.

Menopause is a gruesome thing if anyone gets the same side effects that I do. I still havent had a decent night sleep since all my operations last year. But I am sure in time the side effects will subside. Even though one of my oncologists said the pills I will start to take for the next 5 years will make things worse - I really dont think things could get worse...however I am battling on as best I can. I am exercising more...this is also to get rid of any excess weight that I have got because of chemo. (It is also supposed to help with side effects).

I am finding jobs everywhere...gardening, cleaning and editing the local paper. I went for another job interview to work up at the new gold mine in the hills. Its another cleaning job, but at the moment it doesnt stress the brain out too much, and I will be able to start when I get back from radiation. I thought I had driven to some interesting places when I was a meter reader...but yesterdays drive up to the mine takes the cake. Generally all vehicles going up have flashing lights and radios so they can talk to each other. I only had my headlights and U2 blaring away on my stereo, and I hoped I wouldnt meet one of the big trucks on the way up. I was lucky enough to see the massive rock tumbling and crushing machine working for the first time!!!!!! Yes very impressive I thought. Obviously a major point in the gold mining process LOL. So I will find out if I get that job today or tomorrow. There were other applicants too, so I have a 1 in 3 chance of getting it. I loved it when the guy interviewing me said I wouldnt be up there alone (I would do it at night - well Im not sleeping so its perfect), and when the weather gets bad and it snows it would be quite comfortable up there for me. (Yeh stranded at a gold mine!). One place I have to clean is the control get to that is through the processing plant (tumbling and crushing area), so I have to wear hard hat, glow vest and steel cap boots. That will be fun to wander round at night, but the whole place is lit up like a Christmas tree, so I doubt I will get lost or that the boogie man will jump out at me :)

Last night I woke up at 2:30 (no surprise) and I thought someone was prowling around our house. No point in waking up the sleeping policeman next to me (great protection really), so I wandered round in a daze looking for the offender. This morning I was told that the creaking and rattling was an earthquake quite close to the town. So no prowler...thank goodness.

Anyhow enough trivial stuff, here is one of the things I am working on at the moment. A stumpwork picture that I have made up from one of Jane Nicholas's books. I manage to do a bit each night.

It shouldnt take much longer to finish this piece, then I will probably make it up into a little pillow.

I am slowly getting around everyones blogs and the stitching I see is so inspiring...isnt it great we can all share our love of needlework and crafts :)


Andie said...

Hi there Maggie :) Its great to hear from you! *hugs* It sounds like you have been really busy!! Your stitching looks great, I really should try and get into something other than just cross stitch......... LOL

Rowyn said...

Wow, your stumpwork is amazing. Congrats on the job, it will certainly be something different :0)

Tracy Baby said...

Your stumpwork is amazing.A goldmine at night thats pretty interesting lol.

Stitchingnow said...

Hope you get the job you want. The WIP is really cool.

Margaret said...

Your stumpwork is gorgeous!!
When does your radiation start? Wish you all the best. Take care.