Monday, March 12, 2007

The chemo is finished

Despite feeling fairly seedy tonight...I am actually starting to feel like a normal person again. All the plumbing (PICC line) has been removed from my arm, and my hair is about 1 inch long. Though it is a little more on the grey side than I would like...well ok a lot on the grey side. When it gets longer I will decide what to do with it. Now its just the countdown till when radiation starts. I will know when that is on the 20th when I go see the radiation oncologist.

I have been stitching up a storm and have finished a few things...just the stitching...I just have to work out how I am going to present/finish them now.

Stay tuned. I may get some inspiration on the stitching front soon :)

Thanks to those wonderful people who have sent me best wishes on my blog and privately. You're all fantastically great!!!!!


Stitchingnow said...

Wahoo !! No more chemo..That's great news & I wish you the best on the radiation to come.

Tracy Baby said...

Its great that you have finished with Chemo ,I hope the radiation goes well.Thanks for comments the other day its nice to know who's stopping by.

katiejayinpa said...

I have just started reading your blog and enjoy your" voice" very upbeat and i can almost see the wry but bright smile on your face.... glad your chemo is done! I think too your hair will come back thicker than ever!


Andie said...

AWESOME!!! ~~~~~*****CONGRATULATIONS*****~~~~~
So glad the Chemo is finished!!!

*Big Hugs*


AnneS said...

I'm happy to hear the chemo is all done and dusted - fingers crossed the radiation is a walk in the park for you {{hugs}}

Margaret said...

So glad to hear that you are finished with your chemo. Just wait until your hair starts to curl. It often happens but goes straight again later (too bad!!)
All the best as you start your radiation.

Von said...

Great news that chemo is in the past! Lots of happy hugs and prayers that the radiation treatments will be effective.

Gray hair? No worries, that can be handled, lol!