Friday, February 09, 2007

I am still here

Well, I can't believe how quick January flew past. 2 weeks of it we spent camping further down south in Oamaru and Alexandra. It was a wonderful time away, spent most of it 4 wheel driving. The kids were up in the North Island on holiday so it was just me and Brett. The weather wasnt too bad. The weather here in New Zealand this summer hasnt been the flashest really. The last week here at home the temperatures have been hot.

I had my 5th lot of chemo yesterday...still on the 4 week cycle. I can now look forward to the last dose on the 8th March, and I cant wait. If I had kept to the 3 week cycles, I would have been finished on the 1 February. But I wont dwell on that...I am counting down the days.

I havent done much stitching over the last month. Since getting back from holiday I have been busy getting my garden weeded. The vege garden turned into something from a gardening horror show. Gherkin plants that mysteriously turned into pumpkins are now rampaging through the middle. All my tomatos plants had grown 4 times the size they were before the holiday and had flopped over in all some serious staking was needed. I think I have it under control now.

I have been doing some gardening work for friends that own a cafe and bed & breakfast, so that has also kept me busy.

We had the Reefton A&P show last weekend. I entered 3 of my finished pieces into the competitions and won 3 firsts.

I entered....

Framed cross stitch - Cottage Garden Fairy
Unframed cross stitch - Meow Spoken Here
Applique - Nadias felt christmas stocking

You can see all these in my webshots photo album - use the link in the side bar, and they are all under 'completed stitching 2005 - 2009'

I am slowly getting round to visiting all the blogs I enjoy reading, so I havent forgotten any of you.


Von said...

Glad you're back! You sure haven't let the chemo get you down. :)
I always dread seeing my garden after being on summer vacation. It seems all my work is ruined and I have to almost start over - no one takes care of it like it do, lol!

Stitch or no stitch said...

Good to hear from you again Margaret. I had certainly be wondering about the chemo and am very glad to hear there's only one more session to go.
Congratulations on your ribbons. After checking out their pictures I can certainly understand why you got 3 first places.
Take care.