Saturday, November 03, 2007

Quick Service

On the 25th October I ordered some stash from ABC Stitch Therapy in USA, and it arrived this morning (Saturday). Since I have been working...the past 6 weeks, I have been treating myself with little stash buys. I have a few more lots coming...I have had a good spend up on WDW & GAST threads. Anyhow here is the stash I received today.

One Sheep Open Sleigh by Waxing Moon designs,

A needle minder (cat) by Kelmscott Designs and

4 WDW threads...Gunmetal, Aztec Red, Carrot & Palomino

This is the first time I have seen WDW threads and I love them...I cant wait to see all the others I have ordered.

We are going to be buying a house soon in another town, because my DH has just got a promotion, and there are no houses there that come with the job. We are moving to Greymouth which is 45 minutes away (where I used to go to have the chemo done) I already have a couple of jobs lined up, so all our money is going to go into a my stash buying will come to an end. This is why I am making the most of it now.

Not sure exactly when we are moving, but it will be in 4 - 6 weeks time...right on Christmas - yippee!!!! We went and had a look at some houses today....its all very exciting.

**Ok, ok, so I have broken my 50 projects rule....but I had been looking at this new chart a couple of weeks before I typed out my list...I was waiting for a sale to happen before purchasing LOL. And I need the threads and all the other threads that I have ordered...well I need them too :) I have added the chart to the list on the side bar.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

My 50 Projects Challenge

Well Im just a big copycat. My friend Andie has just announced that she has started a 25 project challenge, and when I saw this, I almost fell off my chair becuase I had been thinking about starting a challenge of my own. I have brought so many new patterns lately and its time to stop or else I am going to lose track of what I have and what I want to do. I am not putting a timelimit on this, because there is no way I could commit to even guessing a deadline. Here are the rules...Ive changed them a bit. I havent filled in all 50 spaces, because there are some projects in my stash I don't know if I even want to complete. But rest assured, anything I add, will not be a new purchase but something I have already.

The Rules:

1.Have fun reducing my pattern stash - if it isnt fun...why on earth am I stitching.
2.There is no time limit.
3.I will not purchase any new patterns until 50 projects have been stitched.
4.Pattern size does not matter.
5.This challenge will also apply to any sewing, knitting, quilting patterns, that I decide to throw in for good measure.
6.I am allowed some exemptions. My exceptions are that I am allowed to buy supplies needed to complete projects on my list as long as I absolutely can't substitute something using my existing stash. This would mainly be threads and hand dyed fabrics...I have everything else I need.
7.Gifts, gift cards, trades, RAKs (stash sent by others randomly) and patterns bought with gift money are not a violation of this challenge.
8.Freebies will count as part of my total and I can aquire them at any point.
9.I will not declare all the projects I intend to work on, straight away, because there may be some in my stash I want to get rid of. Also unexpected gifts, and I will be adding the annual family Christmas ornaments. I have alloted some positions to UFOS that I have, but those spaces may be replaced by something else.
Infact anything is liable to be replaced - just so I fill up my list of 50.*
10.I have decided to make the offical start date of this challenge, the beginning of October 2007. (one ornament is included that I just have to sew up).

*No doubt when I eventually finish this challenge, I will have another one I can start.

My List:

1. The Gingerbread Man Christmas Ornament
2. The Little Visitor Christmas Ornament
3. Peace On Earth Christmas Ornament
4. My Christmas Ornament
5. Inlaws Christmas Ornament
6. Inlaws Christmas Ornament
7. Pukeko Sunset (UFO)
8. Maxs Moon (UFO)
9. (UFO)
10. (UFO)
11. (UFO)
12. (UFO)
13. Old Stone Church - Elizabeths Designs
14. Woodland Cottage - Elizabeths Designs
15. Black Crow Cottage - Elizabeth Designs
16. Shepherds Cottage - Elizabeth Designs
17. In The Garden Of My Heart - Elizabeth Designs
18. Awake The dawning Day - Blackbird Designs
19. House On Acorn Hill - Blackbird Designs
20. 1890 House Sampler - Chessie & Me
21. Spot Of Coffee - Little House Needleworks
22. Cabin In The Woods - Bent Creek
23. Redbird Sampler - Bent Creek
24. Blackbird Sampler - Bent Creek
25. Blue Bird Sampler - Bent Creek
26. Brownbird Sampler - Bent Creek
27. The Border House - Bent Creek
28. For The Birds - The Drawn Thread
29. The Brown Ranch Sampler - The Drawn Thread
30. Autumn Leaves - The Prairie Schooler
31. Winter Wind - The Prairie Schooler
32. Spring Has Come - The Prairie Schooler
33. Summer Breeze - The Prairie Schooler
34. Moo Moo Moo - Margaret Sherry
35. Baa Baa Baa - Margaret Sherry
36. Serendipity - Papillon Creations
37. Signs Of Winter - Bent Creek

So there you have it...wish me luck LOL. I seem to be making a few challenges for my self these days.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Long time since Ive blogged

Yes it has been ages since I added anything to my blog. Over a month to be exact. I havent been overly busy either.

The last couple of weeks I have been engrossed with a new job which consists of interviewing people and their referees to see if they are suitable to hold a firearms licence. Quite a bit of travel is involved - but it gets me out all over the place and I am meeting lots of people. And I am finally earning some money again...yippeeee.

I have been out taking my bike for rides too...and I am starting to get fitter. As you can see I have added a fitness ticker to my blog. It combines walking and cycling.... I aim to do on average 4 kilometres walking a I rounded the amount to 1500 ks a year, and around 30ks a week cycling - I really don't know what Im thinking here but all going well I have again rounded that to 1500 ks - so a grand total of 3000 ks in a year... I will see how I go. Nothing is set in concrete of course, because if I work more I will get less time for cycling - but I always make time to walk my dog.

Stitching....I am busy with Christmas ornaments....I will show some photos when I get them made up. I have been making time to stitch a little bit each night, and I am happy with my progress so far :)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Another year older

Where has the time gone. I had a lovely birthday on Wednesday. Went out to dinner that night and had yummy Indian.

I didnt get get any stitchy presents, but thats ok, my DH really spoilt me with a new Marin mountain bike, roof rack for my car to carry my bike (it takes a bit of effort to get the bike up there though...have to build up my arm muscles), bike riding gear - socks, high vis jacket, and bike shirt, a carrier for when I do longer trails and have to carry a bit more stuff and a wireless bike computer to tell me how far I have biked and how fast etc.

And then last night DH gave me a brand new computer. Now my computer at the moment is only 2 years old, but lacking in memory and other bits and pieces, so now I have a super duper big capacity computer, with lots of RAM etc and with a 22" wide screen monitor ( for the visually impaired me thinks). DH also brought himself a bigger faster gaming computer, because hes found his computer at the moment is struggling with some of the new games out that he likes playing.

So over the next few days I can see myself busy with putting all my stuff onto the new PC. Then my daughter can have my old one.

My order from Wyndham Needleworks arrived and I absolutely adore everything I got. Just love those Elizabeth Designs patterns.

2003 Just Cross Stitch Christmas ornament Issue,

Awake The Dawning Day by Blackbird designs,

Black Crow Cottage & Old Stone Church by Elizabeth Designs.

My daughter, Nadia has taken to stitching again after I tried to get her interested about a year ago when I was in hospital. Shes doing a fantastic job and really enjoying it. This flower picture I will make into a hanging ornament for her...she has already picked out the backing fabric.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I have finally finished it

Yes thats right...Its all done...what am I talking about??? My aran cardigan that I started a year ago. I finished at the weekend and it is so lovely and warm. It is knitted with 10 ply natural New Zealand wool - it took me ages to hand pick the blue sheep for the project LOL.

So now I am free to stitch. So many choices but for now I am going to finish the WIPs I mentioned in the last post, and think about what ornaments I will stitch for Christmas. I have managed to track down the 2003 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue from Wyndham Needleworks in America. (The only issue I don't have). That order shouldnt take long to arrive. I also ordered 2 Elizabeth Designs charts (Old Stone Church & Black Crow Cottage) and 1 Blackbird Designs Chart (Awake the Dawning Day). Thats a few more charts to add to the "want to do list" They give me the incentive to finish my WIPs first...but will I ????

Thursday, July 12, 2007

A gift for a dear friend

Gosh its been a while since I posted. No excuses really...just havent got round to it.

I finished this scissor fob and pincushion for dear stitchy friend Andie, who Ive known for a long time. A story goes with the reason for stitching these, but basically I did it because shes always just been there in times of trouble and because I wanted too. Also I ran a scissor fob exchange on my New Zealand Yahoo stitching group about 18 months ago, and Andies partner decided not to stitch anything after committing to the group - dont you just hate that! We all had mixed partners and Andie actually stitched a beautiful fob for me, so I thought I would make one in return for her, seeing she missed out.

I am still busy knitting that same aran cardi....almost finished - not much more to go.

Then when that it is finished, I will get back into serious stitching mode - famous last words huh? I have some WIPs to finish...Maxs Moon, Pukeko, a picture I designed for my DH listing his places of employment ( celebrating 14 years), and I also want to stitch TW Dragon petite (Above the clouds) picture for him as well, maybe for Christmas or his birthday in February. I also have this years Christmas ornaments to do, so I had better get cracking...what am I doing on here, when I could be knitting or stitching.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

My 2 recent finishes

Well I finally finished the stumpwork picture the other day...just had to sew it up, when I realised that as well as that birthday, I had another friend with a birthday on the same day....this is 2 days before. The brain went into overdrive, and I managed to stitch another little gift. So here they are....

The fabric colour of the stumpwork is gold, but it looks faded out in the photo. (If you scroll down my blog, you will see the "in progress photo shows the actual colour of the fabric) And the butterfly is more a purple, than blue.

I had fun doing the ruched ribbon on the Lizzie kate freebie, but I am happy with the result.

Both my friends love their gifts so alls well :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Its all over

Im more treatment....yippee!!!!!

The month away in Christchurch having radiation went quite fast. I had a 'zap' every day - the whole appointment time would take 10 minutes then I had the rest of the day to myself. I did lots of shopping...a bit of stash and some clothes. Oh and wool to do some more knitting. I finished the stumpwork picture I was working on, so just have to make that up into a little cushion. And I knitted a beanie for my daughter. The rest of the time I spent walking and biking round.

One day I biked out to the zoo - Orana Park (16ks one way) - and I got a few cute pics of animals on my phone....forgot the camera. Heres a couple of pictures.....

Baby giraffe up close

NZ's very own dinosaur - the tuatara.

And the day before I came home from Christchurch, I had a mammogram and got a clean bill of health. So now I take a drug Tamoxifen for an unspecified amount of time - maybe 5 years - and that stops breast cancer recurring in the same breast or starting up in the other one.

Now for something different!

Ok now I've been tagged by Rowyn. I have to tell you eight things about myself that you might not already know.

Here’s how to play:

1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves

2. People who are tagged write a blog post about their own 8 random things and post these rules

3. At the end of your blog you need to tag 8 people and post their names

4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.


1. My family came from Ireland.

2. I can spend hours watching insects...Im fascinated by them. Same goes for birds.

3. I had my motorbike licence before I got my car licence.

4. I am deeply concerned about conservation - and working with one of NZs rarest birds was such a blessing.

5. As well as collecting stitching stash, I seem to collect books that I never read.

6. I have kept a diary/journal since I was 12.

7. I lived with my parents till I was 24 - cheap board!

8. The number plate on my car is XSTCHA.


Well there you go...I am supposed to tag 8 people, but I see that this one is doing the rounds quite extensively, so if anyone wants to consider themselves tagged...feel free :)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

One More Gift

I have come home for the weekend after having 7 treatments of radiation. All is going well, and I head back to Christchurch on Monday morning. Its quite a novelty to spend time in a city...but its so noisy. Really nice to be back in our sleepy little town...quite a different comment to what I would have said a year ago :) I have been walking and biking around Christchurch in order to keep my fitness up, so that is how I am mostly spending my time, now I have been in so many shops. I think I am almost shopped out now :)

This is the first opportunity I have had to update my blog. I can now post photos of a birthday gift (needlebook and scissor fob) I made for a dear friend of mine, Sy, in America, as she let me know she had received it. I didnt want to spoil the surprise and post it on my blog just incase she happened to spot it on there.

The design is a freebie - Angelas Scottish Thistles by Twisted Oaks Designs....

The stumpwork picture I am doing is almost finished, not too much more left on that.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Another gift

Some friends of mine will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary on the 10th, so I thought I would make a little gift to give them. Just a simple heart to hang up in their house :) The colours seem washed out in the photo, but I used DMC light effects for this...they are much easier to use than the old metallic threads. I am going to make a card which matches the heart.
I head off to Christchurch on the 11th to start radiation on the 12th. Its nice to have a confirmed date now.
I have changed my avatar to a more Autumny look. And my hair is about that length too. I never really lost it all, so it is coming back quite quickly. Not as brown as that though. As my daughter told me...beautiful grey and white streaks :) At this point I am not in any hurry to dye it.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Finally something to show

I have been busy stitching various things...both lots are gifts for friends...and I have given myself plenty of time to finish them. Its been hard trying to concentrate with my stitching as with the hot flushes I have been experiencing, I lose concentration really easily.

Menopause is a gruesome thing if anyone gets the same side effects that I do. I still havent had a decent night sleep since all my operations last year. But I am sure in time the side effects will subside. Even though one of my oncologists said the pills I will start to take for the next 5 years will make things worse - I really dont think things could get worse...however I am battling on as best I can. I am exercising more...this is also to get rid of any excess weight that I have got because of chemo. (It is also supposed to help with side effects).

I am finding jobs everywhere...gardening, cleaning and editing the local paper. I went for another job interview to work up at the new gold mine in the hills. Its another cleaning job, but at the moment it doesnt stress the brain out too much, and I will be able to start when I get back from radiation. I thought I had driven to some interesting places when I was a meter reader...but yesterdays drive up to the mine takes the cake. Generally all vehicles going up have flashing lights and radios so they can talk to each other. I only had my headlights and U2 blaring away on my stereo, and I hoped I wouldnt meet one of the big trucks on the way up. I was lucky enough to see the massive rock tumbling and crushing machine working for the first time!!!!!! Yes very impressive I thought. Obviously a major point in the gold mining process LOL. So I will find out if I get that job today or tomorrow. There were other applicants too, so I have a 1 in 3 chance of getting it. I loved it when the guy interviewing me said I wouldnt be up there alone (I would do it at night - well Im not sleeping so its perfect), and when the weather gets bad and it snows it would be quite comfortable up there for me. (Yeh stranded at a gold mine!). One place I have to clean is the control get to that is through the processing plant (tumbling and crushing area), so I have to wear hard hat, glow vest and steel cap boots. That will be fun to wander round at night, but the whole place is lit up like a Christmas tree, so I doubt I will get lost or that the boogie man will jump out at me :)

Last night I woke up at 2:30 (no surprise) and I thought someone was prowling around our house. No point in waking up the sleeping policeman next to me (great protection really), so I wandered round in a daze looking for the offender. This morning I was told that the creaking and rattling was an earthquake quite close to the town. So no prowler...thank goodness.

Anyhow enough trivial stuff, here is one of the things I am working on at the moment. A stumpwork picture that I have made up from one of Jane Nicholas's books. I manage to do a bit each night.

It shouldnt take much longer to finish this piece, then I will probably make it up into a little pillow.

I am slowly getting around everyones blogs and the stitching I see is so inspiring...isnt it great we can all share our love of needlework and crafts :)

Monday, March 12, 2007

The chemo is finished

Despite feeling fairly seedy tonight...I am actually starting to feel like a normal person again. All the plumbing (PICC line) has been removed from my arm, and my hair is about 1 inch long. Though it is a little more on the grey side than I would like...well ok a lot on the grey side. When it gets longer I will decide what to do with it. Now its just the countdown till when radiation starts. I will know when that is on the 20th when I go see the radiation oncologist.

I have been stitching up a storm and have finished a few things...just the stitching...I just have to work out how I am going to present/finish them now.

Stay tuned. I may get some inspiration on the stitching front soon :)

Thanks to those wonderful people who have sent me best wishes on my blog and privately. You're all fantastically great!!!!!

Friday, February 09, 2007

I am still here

Well, I can't believe how quick January flew past. 2 weeks of it we spent camping further down south in Oamaru and Alexandra. It was a wonderful time away, spent most of it 4 wheel driving. The kids were up in the North Island on holiday so it was just me and Brett. The weather wasnt too bad. The weather here in New Zealand this summer hasnt been the flashest really. The last week here at home the temperatures have been hot.

I had my 5th lot of chemo yesterday...still on the 4 week cycle. I can now look forward to the last dose on the 8th March, and I cant wait. If I had kept to the 3 week cycles, I would have been finished on the 1 February. But I wont dwell on that...I am counting down the days.

I havent done much stitching over the last month. Since getting back from holiday I have been busy getting my garden weeded. The vege garden turned into something from a gardening horror show. Gherkin plants that mysteriously turned into pumpkins are now rampaging through the middle. All my tomatos plants had grown 4 times the size they were before the holiday and had flopped over in all some serious staking was needed. I think I have it under control now.

I have been doing some gardening work for friends that own a cafe and bed & breakfast, so that has also kept me busy.

We had the Reefton A&P show last weekend. I entered 3 of my finished pieces into the competitions and won 3 firsts.

I entered....

Framed cross stitch - Cottage Garden Fairy
Unframed cross stitch - Meow Spoken Here
Applique - Nadias felt christmas stocking

You can see all these in my webshots photo album - use the link in the side bar, and they are all under 'completed stitching 2005 - 2009'

I am slowly getting round to visiting all the blogs I enjoy reading, so I havent forgotten any of you.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Gosh its 2007 already. Despite all of my health issues last year, I cant believe how quick the year went. I always have New Year resolutions planned and they never come to fruition. I have a few ideas planned for this coming year. Of course there are all my UFO's to complete, and new works to start, and more stash to buy. But before buying anything new, I want to get some of the old stuff out of the way. Also I think I might do some study and add some extra knowledge to my brain and some more qualifications to my CV.

This year will be better!!!
I want to wish everyone a very happy new year...all the very best for 2007 :)