Monday, December 04, 2006

One more down

Finished another Christmas ornament, so thats 1 down and 2 more that I know of left. No doubt I will think of more to make if I get the current ones in the list done quick enough. This design is a favourite from Just Cross Stitch Christmas ornaments issue 2005 (Probably my favourite of all of them). I stitched this one for myself last year. I use beads for the little ornaments hanging off the tree. And I am really enjoying making tassles and cords. Simple once you get the hang of it.

Also I have added a closeup of the ornament I finished a couple of days ago. Andie asked who the designer was. It is called Sugarplum by Cindy Valentine and it was in the 2005 Christmas Ornament issue of Just Cross Stitch (told you it was a favourite). Me being me, I never do ornaments in the colours on the pattern...the original sugarplum is all pink. I am doing 2 more of these, one is in purples and greens and the other red and greens.

I have all the Just Cross Stitch Christmas ornament issues except for 2003. Does anyone know where I could pick this up please...maybe someone has seen one for sale somewhere, or has one sitting collecting dust, that is no longer needed. (I really couldnt believe that).


Tracy Baby said...

Your Christmas ornaments look wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Pretty adaptation of the Cindy Valentine ornament! I'll take one in blue, lol! Playing with patterns and colors is part of the joy of stitching. :D

AnneS said...

Your latest ornies are gorgeous - I especially love your version of the Cindy Valentine one ... I was thinking of changing the colours too, but unsure how it would work out - now I've seen yours, my mind is boggling with the possibilities ;) Your Brittykitty one is cute with the beads added :D

Anonymous said...

Loving your ornies, Margaret! They're so nice, and the Cindy Valentine one is delicious with the color threads.

I'm praying for your continued good progress and the end of chemo treatments is a bright spot, bless your sweet heart! Think of you often and cherish the stitching from you. I keep it out where I see it every day.

Anonymous said...
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