Friday, December 15, 2006

Final ornaments all finished

Yeh, now I can rest. It is a relief to finish my ornaments well before Christmas.
Last year I was rushing to finish and it became quite stressful and not fun at all.
So here are the 2 alternative colourways of Sugar Plum by Cindy Valentine.

Had another dose of chemo yesterday...after once again being delayed because of low neutrophils. Now they have lowered my chemo dose so I should be able to continue 3 weekly as first planned. As it is, my chemo has been extended by 2 weeks which is a bummer, but thats how it is, and I cant do much about it.

Got all my Christmas shopping done, put up the tree and decorations, sent out all my Christmas cards. Now I just have to wrap my presents. Here are some pics of my tree.

Heres some close ups of the various ornaments on the tree.

This ornament looks amazing at night as I stitched it with quite a few glow in the dark threads.

Will attempt to take a photo of the tree at night with all the lights on...quite lovely really.


Rowyn said...

Your ornaments are gorgeous (love the glow in the dark one!), and your Xmas tree looks great!

Tracy Baby said...

Your Christams tree looks wonderful ,hope the Chemo goes ok.

Stitchingnow said...

The ornament finishes look great. Glad to read that you are doing well with the chemo and all.

*hug's Dawn*

Anonymous said...

Your tree is lovely!! :o)