Friday, December 01, 2006

Another ornament

Just a quick post....Got another of the Christmas ornaments I am stitching this year finished. And I have started yet another. I have a few more to do, so I am busy stitching to get them done in time, in between work, getting the vege garden ready and generally blobbing around the house.

I am keeping good health, last week was all go though. It was during 'my low blood' time (happens 7 - 10 days after chemo when blood counts are at their lowest), and my DH decided to get a viral throat thing, which constricted his throat and he couldnt breathe. I took him to see the doctor who told him to get to Greymouth hospital. Decided against getting an ambulance, because I wanted to take the children, and know what was happening. well it was on the way down there ( an hours drive) that he started having problems breathing. He kept telling me to drive faster...I wont tell you what speed I got up to. Once there, the medical staff decided he had to go to Christchurch, so he was flown over by plane. He stayed for a couple of days, got lots of antibiotics and I drove over to Christchurch to pick him up. Through all this I was fine, but doctors everywhere were concerned about me. I never caught a thing :) Hopefully my blood counts never got too low, and I get the all clear for my next lot of chemo next week.


Stitch or no stitch said...

What a pretty ornament. You have been keeping very busy.
So sorry to hear about your husband's health problems. This is something you certainly don't need at the moment. Glad things are looking up for him and very happy to hear you are doing so well yourself.

Anonymous said...

Hi Maggie :)

Your ornament is gorgeous!! Who is that by?

Glad to hear your hubby is fine now!! That would have been really scary for you!!

I am happy to hear that your own health is going so well :)


AnneS said...

Oh crikey, that sounds frightening! So glad you both came out of it OK ... and that you're still doing well during your treatments. Your ornie is absolutely scrummy - I love it! :D