Saturday, November 11, 2006


The nurse came round this morning and the Picc line was still blocked. We were so depressed about it, because we really needed another trip to Christchurch like a hole in the head. Anyway today we decided to go 4 wheel driving, and when we came hole, I thought I would see if I could give the Picc line a flush. And guess what it is all cleared. Gave my nurse a ring and told her. we are all happy again :)

Spent tonight packing up my sons stuff to go to camp. Watch out Wellingtonians....year 7 & 8 from Reefton Area School will be hitting your streets tomorrow. I bet for a lot of the children it is the first time they have left the South Island. There is heaps of things planned for them, including spending a night in the Zoo, going to Te Papa, going to the TV studios...wich I was going, had my name down for it, but with my circumstances at the moment, decided it was best not to go. They are crossing over to Wellington on the ferry, so I hope the weather is good. 52 sick children crossing Cook Straight wouldnt be fun.


Rowyn said...

Glad to hear you managed to clear the line without a trip to Christchurch. Hope the weather improves in Wellington for your son's trip, it's wet and wild here today.

Rissa said...

I am relieved to hear you cleared the line. I hope it goes a little more smoothly from this point foward.

Stitch or no stitch said...

Sorry for the setback but glad you were able to have the line cleared without a trip to Christchurch.
Take care and think many good thoughts.