Tuesday, November 07, 2006

One finish in goodness knows how long!!

This is a quick picture I stitched for my daughters birthday as an extra gift. She loved it, and I am pleased with how it turned out.

On the health front, I am doing really well. Have my 2nd lot of chemo on Thursday. Saw the oncologist on Friday, and he said seeing I had hardly any side effects from the first chemo, its unlikely I will get any from now on. The tiredness may get worse, but I havent been overly tired the past 3 weeks, so I will see how I handle that.

Since the last post I have had a No.2 haircut and now I am sporting a No. 0. Feels funny. But I couldnt bear the thought of my hair falling out, so I got rid of it before it could. Its still not falling out - it wont be too far away, I don't imagine.

I have been busy stitching the 'gem' Christmas ornaments I started a while ago, so will put up a photo of them when finished.

A lovely friend sent me this years Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue, so I have been choosing over and over which ornaments I am going to stitch....along with all the others from past issues I want to stitch.

I have sewn 6 doo-rags (fitted scarves) for my head...in brightly garish colours, so will add that photo tomorrow.

I havent done anymore knitting, its getting too hot...so much for trying to get my cardi finished this year...but I will persist, because I really want to get it out of the way.

In between all this I have been planting out my vege seedlings and sowing more seeds, and working part time. It has worked out well, because being busy, has allowed me not to dwell on all I have been through and the treatment still ahead :)


AnneS said...

Lovely finish - funnily enough I was just thinking about you this morning, and thought it was a while since you'd posted and hoped everything was OK ... and lo and behold here you are! :D Great to hear things are going well so far ... fingers crossed it continues that way {{hugs}}

abeautifulcraft said...

So wonderful to hear an update Margaret .. and you are doing well. It's so good you are not suffering with being sick through your treatment. I love your cross stitch for your daughter!!!!!