Friday, November 17, 2006

Latest purchase

I love needlework books...I have a great collection of cross stitch, needlepoint, stumpwork and embroidery books. But I always look to add to my collection. These 2 gems are my latest buys off TradeMe (a NZ online auction site like Ebay).

Bullion Stitch Embroidery From Roses to Wildflowers


A - Z of embroidery Stitches

All the books I have give me great inspiration, and I get a lot of ideas of what I might like to achieve as far as embroidered works go. If I could half of what I'd like to do, I would be happy.

Which brings me onto another aspect...UFOs or WISPs or Unfinished Objects or Works in slow progress. My dear friend Sandie has devised UFO/WISP Challenge 2007. So I am going to join in. Its a low stress fun way of finishing off all the projects that were once lovingly started with such enthusiasm, only to be lost in the bottom of a work basket, the back of a cupboard - anywhere these UFOs are often discarded.

There are many reasons why I have UFOs - generally I have become impatient or bored with what I have been working on, because I have seen and started another 'must do'. I guess the thing I have going for me with this challenge is that I still love all my UFOs. There are none I woulndt want to complete. But that is the problem....I have never completed them.

So with this challenge it is seeking out all the abandoned works and at our own pace, working on them. We can choose when and how we work on them. And as Sandie said, there will be plenty of inspiration to be had, just by seeing the other people in the challenge working on their UFOs/WISPs.


abeautifulcraft said...

Oh I love that book the A-Z of embroidery stitches, it is one of my books which is always open on my work table - I love it so much! Your other book looks most interesting too,anything by Jenny Bradford is always wonderful... you'll have oodles of fun being creative .....
Look forwards to seeing your UFO's & WISP ....... I'm eager to get into mine in a way and not in another .. hehehe!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Aren't Inspirations publications just fab? I have a few too and would behappy with more and more and infinitum!

That UFO idea sounds great. I'd join in, only I don't have any!!!

Come over and see my blog sometime too. Like you, I love all manner of embroidery.

Elisabeth, UK=)

Anonymous said...

The A-Z of Embroidery was my first A-Z book. It's had lots of use and has led to more A-Z purchases. :D