Monday, October 23, 2006

The chop!!!!!!!

Well this morning I took the plunge and gave myself a haircut. Well first DH cut it all one length and I layered it. We did a pretty tidy job. My hair feels so light now. This is in preparation to my hair falling out. Not sure if I will take a photo of me bald. Its hard enough to get photos of me in the first place.

But anyway this first photo was taken a few nights before chemo.....I was horrified that someone was sneaking up behind me with a camera...and the fact they actually took the photo...its a good memory :)

This next photo depicts the shock horror factor of my haircut LOL......

The last one just shows the new look...a bit fuzzy...I do not think the photographer focused too well.......

Still feeling sickness or nausea still. Just a little tired maybe.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Tagged again

Andie tagged me this time.....

The rules; List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether or not they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

1: Perfect strangers - INXS
2: Afterglow - INXS
3: Running - Evermore
4: Long Night - The Corrs
5: For A While - Stellar
6: Savin' Me - Nickelback
7: Far Away - Nickelback

Im not sure who to if anyone reads this and wants to join in...feel free:)

Still feeling really sickness...yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 20, 2006

One Chemo treatment down far I have no side effects...not feeling sick or anything. 5 more doses left, but I dont have to worry about that for another 3 weeks. Going back to Christchurch to have what is call ed a PICC line put in my arm. This is to make the treatments and blood taking easier, as I have shocking veins that are hard to find.

Getting my hair cut short this weekend in preperation for the big fall. Went to Look Good Feel Better workshop during the was great. Got a heap of freebies...more than I imagined. Felt wonderful afterwards....the people who run it do an amazing job.

Off now to plant a few of my vege seedlings into the garden, then I am going to sew some headwear bandanna thingys...they are called doo-rags...and its what bikeys wear under their helmets...sort of fitting scarves with ties at the back. I will make mine a bit bigger to cover the head fully.

Have been knitting too...but sadly no stitching at this point.

Here is a hat I knitted a few weeks ago...knitted with feathers wool. Its a bit loose on my head, but a scarf underneath should fix that. Its not really supposed to fit like a beanie.

Monday, October 16, 2006

I was tagged!!!!!!!!

Sandie tagged me a week or two ago, and I thought I better belatedly respond. I have to say 5 things that are weird about myself or my pets...shouldnt be too hard.

1: I have this strange affinity with animals, in that any will come up to me...even stroppy ones or animals that don't know me or even wild ones in zoos and become quite docile. Maybe it is because I am quite obsessed with animals and they sence that I love them heaps :) This is even true of birds out in the wild, some are quite friendly and come close to people, but I have them landing on me. Out on Community Patrol one night I had a morepork land on a fence that I was leaning on. Of course I never heard it...they are native NZ owls that fly silently. That amazed not only myself but the person I was with., that one would come so close.

2: I am fascinated by insects and other creepy crawlies...much to my mothers horror, when I was a child. My children are equally horrified. Don't like big spiders though...they are pretty yukky. But things like praying mantis' are wonderful (I used to collect the eggs and have them in my room as a child. Then they would hatch and I would have hundreds of them to let out into the garden. I also like wetas (NZ native large mean scary brown grasshopper looking things).

3: In my lounge I have a 3 seater sofa and a 2 seater. When I am doing stitching or knitting, no one else can sit next to me, I have to be spread out...and everyone else have to squash onto smaller sofa....Now thats just plain mean......

4: I keep a diary, and I have done so since I was 12. I read back over some of the old diarys and wonder what on earth was going on...I cant remember so me of the details. I just love writing down what I have done each day. It comes in very useful at times.

5: I prefer to do gardening in bare feet. I love the feel of the soil and mud between my toes (Ok Ive always been grotty). When I did other peoples gardens, they were bemused when I kicked my footwear off. If the garden has lots of nasty prickly weeds, then I keep shoes on.

So now I have to tag 5 of my friends who have blogs...hopefully they havent been tagged already...I have read their blogs and havent seen any tagging :) So I will choose Andie, Anne, Rowyn, Katrina and Lisa. I will probably annoy them more than anything with this. But hopefully they will reveal their weirdness too :)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

A quick post

Just realised I hadnt posted in a while...hopefully people didnt think I had fallen of the face of the earth.

I have almost recovered from my surgery, but out hitting the streets again with my dog (I was getting so bored sitting around inactive). I get a bit tired at the end of my walk, but I enjoy being outside so much.

Had 2 more trips to Christchurch in the time I have posted. The first was to see a radiation oncologist, who told me what treatment has been planned for me. I am going to have chemotherapy, which I am not thrilled about for obvious reasons, but if it mops up any hidden cancer cells, I am all for it. Then I will was radiation, and then a 5 years course of drugs. All these things together have a benefit that add up to 93% chance of never getting cancer again, so its worth while.

The 2nd trip was yesterday to see the medical oncologist who organises the chemotherapy. I think it is starting next week....yuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkk!!!!!!!
I have been given info on the drugs I will be given, and I have been given extra pills to counteract the nausea. I can hardly wait for all this to start. I feel like a drug dealer.

I didnt have morning sickness through any of my pregnancies, so I am unsure of what will happen. I tend to feel sick when I am nervous about things and I know I wont be as bad as the nausea I had in hospital. At least I wont be stuck in a hospital bed. And if the anti-nausea pills don't work, they will try other ones. I will have chemo every 3 weeks...for 6 treatments, so there will be a big poster put somewhere and I will mark of the days (like preparing for a holiday when I was younger)...hey I might go and find a ticker thingymajig.

My hair will fall out shortly after the first treatment, so I am trying to organise myself for head coverings...scarves, a wig and hats. Maybe a paper bag will suffice :)

After chemo finishes I have a month off, and then start on radiation for 4 weeks, but that wont be till next year, so I wont worry about that at present.

Stitching....what is that????? Knitting....same question. I have been hopeless in these departments, can't concentrate and havent really had time. But I have planted all this years vege seeds into pots in my greenhouse, so at least we can eat.

I am going to get into gear and do some stitching/knitting so at least I remember the basics. I will let you into a secret, no concentration is brought about by broken nights sleeps. I have been thrown into early menopause and suffer from shocking night sweats. I dont really get many hot flushes during the day. I wake almost every 2 hours. I am trying to get on top of it by not having caffiene in the afternoons or nights, no alcohol, no spicy food and lots of water and walking. I think its working. I am not waking as often or as hot.

Well after that tantilising piece of information I will leave you with a photo of 2 rhododendron trees in the section next door. They tower over a tiny miners cottage - you can just see the brown roof by the fence. The trees are gorgeous...there are a lot of them around Reefton. And I will try to post more often :)

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