Thursday, September 28, 2006

Some lovely gifts

While I have been out of action I have received some beautiful gifts...I thought I would share....

A lovely friend of mine...Sandie from Australia, made this most exquisite Victorian pin cushion for me. It is absolutely beautiful, and the work gone into it is just astounding. The base of it is wooden made by Sandies husband. It is too good to use. Sandie also made some hat pins to stick into it, which finishes the pincushion off so well. A truly lovely gift, and I cant stop touching it and looking at it.

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The 2nd gift is a Crazy Quilted needlecase made by anothr Australian lady, Florence, that I have never met. She heard about me through Sandie, and decided to make me the needlecase. Again the amount of work gone into it is amazing. The colours are so lovely. Florence also added some dyed trims that I will be able to add to my own crazy quilting projects. I had been wanting to make myself another needlecase for my sewing needles, so this gift came along at the perfect time...but it is another gift that is too good to delicate.

Sorry about the quality about the photos....I never seem to get the perfect photo.

Another gift I received a couple of months back were a heap of fabrics and a pattern.

The fabrics were...Zweigart Cashel 28ct Tobacco fat quarter, 4 x Kiwi Illusions Belfast 32ct (favourite fabric) - Wild Rose, Shortbread, Waterfall and Merino, and a Kiwi Illusions Jubilee 28ct - Seaside. Also the pattern Merry Christmas. This gift was from my good friend Andie and Linda from Countrystitch. I was thrilled to get som much beautiful fabric...I cant wait to use it.

I am slowly coming along with my cardigan. It is almost getting to hot to knit. But I want to get it out of the way, so it is ready for next winter, and so I can get back to my own stitching and crazy quilting.

Just on the health oncologist rang yesterday, and it is still likely I will have chemo...just as an insurance for any missed cancer cells. It depressed me a bit....but also I thought I would hate to sit around always wondering if all the baddies were gone, or if another one was going to pop up. You never know I might look quite sexy bald...maybe one day I will be brave enough to show the 'hair' before and after photos :)


Von said...

Well, as the wife of an insurance agent, I'm all for extra insurance, even in the form of chemo. :) They've made so much progress in chemo that my dear friends who've been through it didn't miss a day out of their lives due to chemo sickness!

I'm sure your crazy quilted needlecase is absolutely breathtaking in person - it's lovely in the photo. Enjoy it!

TwistedCandles said...

*picks jaw up off the floor* That pincushion is exquisite!!! I don't blame you for not wanting to use it, I wouldn't either. The needlecase is just as beautiful as the pincushion.

Stitch or no stitch said...

Your gifts are absolutely beautiful. Isn't it wonderful to have such loving friends?
You're so right - chemo is the extra insurance you need right now.

May Britt said...

Lucky you. The needlecase is beautiful, the pincushion too. Good to have such lovely friends.