Saturday, September 23, 2006

Im back...again :)

Well there is going to be no marathon running yet, but I am at home. I look like something from Frankenstiens party, battered and bruised, with stitches all over the place. The 2 operations went well...the combined top and tail. I did have a shocking reaction to the after effects of anesthetic, morphine and drinking too much water...before the bowels started working after being thrown around during the operation. So I suffered with a shocking nausea, a hot flush feeling, and then the vomiting started...I wonder if going cold turkey off drugs is like that. But that is past. I kept the nurses on their toes that night, trying to get the right concoction of anti-sick drugs to fix me.

I have had results for both ends now. The ovary situaton...well that was just a big benign tumour (not even related to the breast good not to have the preg feel anymore, and to lose all the kilos I had gained. Now just sore with my zip pattern up my tummy. The breast side of things...there they cut out a bigger area to get a clearer margin and I had lymph nodes removed. So now I have to look after my arm and get no infections there, so I don't overload the lymph glands. And I get a numb feeling up and down my arm which will evntually pass.

Everything there has come back it looks as though I wont be needing chemo, because the cancer never spread...but still the radiation...which is such good news. I just have to wait...again...until my meeting with the oncologist who will come over to the West Coast to see me and see what the best plan of attack is. I may be back in Christchurch in around 3 - 4 weeks for radiation...just depends how quick I see the oncologist.

When I was lying in hospital recovering, every time I saw one of my multitude of doctors, I knew things would be OK because they were always so happy with how I was. And I could feel it too. Especially the lymph nodes...I felt my body was healthy there.

I want to thank everyone for their prayers and best wishes. I still have a while to go on my trek...but Im getting there :)

We quite enjoyed it in Christchurch, but so glad to get back to the peace and quiet of our little town. My animals sure are glad to see me.

Hope everyone is well :)


Rowyn said...

Welcome home! So glad to hear that the operations went well for you Margaret and that you won't be needing chemo. :-)

P.S. - It's great that your animals were pleased to see you, when we came home from six weeks away Meg and Tess were very confused as to who we were and Giggsy ran straight past us to his food!

abeautifulcraft said...

Margaret ..... I am so thrilled for you!!!!!!!! You'll be pretty sore for awhile, take it on easy and get into doing some knitting and crafting! LOL ........ Hugs and loves

Stitch or no stitch said...

Wonderful news!!! I'm just so incredibly happy for you that things are looking good & no chemo. Take care & enjoy your beautiful spring.

Von said...

Still a ways to go but the worst is behind you! And no chemo - hurray! Looking forward to "seeing" you a little more regularly. :D

Kath said...

It's so good to see you back Margaret. ANd very pleasing to hear that things have gone well - apart from your reactions to the drugs - and I really hope that things continue to improve for you.

And yes, I can really understand how good it is to be home and to your pets.

Kim said...

Glad to hear you are home and doing so well! Congrats on the outcome, what a relief it must be. I wish you a speedy recovery!