Thursday, July 27, 2006

A sleeve :)

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Well almost a sleeve...this knitting sure is dragging on,   I am spending a bit more time on it these days.  I have decided to allocate time each day for some knitting and some stitching.  Of course the knitting is getting the most time....when I do have time to sit down :)

Just baked 2 fruit loaves for a school fundraising cake stall (for my sons camp to Wellington in November), so tomorrow morning I will sit on the cake stall for a few hours to help out.  I am on the fundraising comittee, so we have planned plenty of things to bring in the money and make it a bit easier on parents for camp costs.

Got a letter to say I am to be at the hospital on the 8th August and surgery is on the 9th and I can go home on the 10th.  So at least I know a bit more.  So in preparation for surgery I am getting fitter...taking my dog for long speedy walks.  Poor old Zoe is looking very sleek these days, but she loves her walks with Mum.

I am getting lots of help and advise from the Cancer Society...there are just so many things we wouldnt know about if it wasnt for them.

On the stitching front I am continuing on with my Christmas ornaments.  No photos yet...will just  photograph them all finished .

I have just brought another Shepherds Bush needleroll kit...this one is Pansy.  My collection is slowly growing, with 4 SB's...Garden, Violet, Pansy and Stitchers....and then the 3 Lorri Birminghan NRs I brought a few weeks ago.

Well I better get off here and go walk the looks like it might rain :(


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