Tuesday, July 11, 2006

More needlerolls

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This morning 3 needlerolls chart packs arrived that I ordered from a NZ company. I got them 2 1/2 weeks after I paid for them, but that only because the company had sent them to my old address, even though I had updated my details. Thankfully the people who took over DHs old job and are in our old house, just returned them to sender, so then the company could send then to my correct address.

They are Lorri Birmingham needlerolls - Butterfly, Lady Bug and Friends. I got these really cheaply and I am thrilled with them. It was a special offer for all 3 and I snapped up the offer really quick, even though they took so long to get here, it was well worth the wait. I didnt even realise the beads and charms were included.

Can't wait to stitch these up...but of course the priority is the knitting. That almost got binned last night. For some reason, I couldnt do one particular row right. I made a mistake...corrected it (not easy undoing cables etc), then further down the row made another stupid mistake. Which meant that while fixing it, I dropped some stitches, so had to pick them up from a few rows below. Things are never easy. I havent even looked at the knitting this morning, in daylight. Hopefully I will not see any further mistakes. I know I have the correct amount of stitches on the needle, so fingers crossed.


Kath said...

Love the needleroll patterns Margaret, and you will just love stitching them up. Pretty addictive, do beware! Nice when you can get a good deal too.

I had a look through your blog, love the knitting, and good on you knitting aran, and can understand your frustration when a row does not go right.

Loved your kitties too....

Just thinking of you and hoping that all will be well for you.

Andie said...

Ooooooo I LOVE needlerolls! I have only ever made 1 and I have no patterns, but ONEDAY!! just you wait and see! LOL

Hope the knitting is going better, we all have times like that, even when its not Aran!



Singular Stitches said...

I can't wait to see all your finished needlerolls!

BTW, would you mind sharing a link to where you purchased the patterns? I tried to google Lori Birmingham, but didn't find anything. Thanks!

Anita said...

I love needlerolls. You
got a great price on them for sure.
Looking forward to see you have
them stitched up. I enjoy
looking at your fobs too. They
are inspiring and give me new ideas
on my finishing and pattern.

Susan said...

If you have a moment, could you say what exactly needlerolls are? This dumb American never heard of them. =)