Monday, July 10, 2006

Monday mumbles

Well Im starting to scoot up the back of my cardigan quite quickly now. I always have lots of wool left over, so I think I might knit a Irish hiking scarf for each of the family. These are very easy to knit and just have a couple of cable rows on them. I know there was a big knit-a-long happening with some bloggers....and the photos of their scarf were great...all different colours.

I forgot to add this link to my blog after I sent it to all my friends...and I see some of them have added it to their blogs - so I wll do the same. The quicker all those signatures are collected the better.
Help save the whales :)

Heres another nice link all about friendship

I am still waiting to hear from the hospital...hopefully this week, I will hear something.

Now I will go off and do some housework...then I can knit this afternoon. As soon as I finish this cardigan, I can get onto my normal stitching.

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