Thursday, July 06, 2006

The knitting progress

Despite health issues at the moment, I havent had time to think. I have been busy with work, reading meters...its almost as though lots of people ar leaving town. Also it is the school holidays, so its that time again to amuse the children when they are bored. I think the holidays get easier as the children get older.

I havent done that much stitching because I have been putting all my spare time into knitting an aran cardigan. Its a nightmare...there is 4 rows of general pattern and into that I have to fit in 16 rows of cable there is lots of marking off onto paper, to make sure I know where I am up to. I have only been able to do the knitting when everyone is out or quiet. I have found a couple of small mistakes, but they aren't noticable thank goodness and I havent lost any stitches :) This photo is of the back, and I am getting closer to the armholes, then it becomes quicker. The back up to the armholes is always the uphill part of knitting for me.
The wool is Aran 10 ply - Stormy Ridge Station natural wool. So lovely to knit with. I made a natural coloured jacket a few years ago which I sold as it was too big for me.

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This is what I am stitching at the moment. Just a small Irish welcome picture, I have a few ideas how I will finish it. I may change the writing in the middle to black.

I am starting to get itchy fingers for all the various projects I have on the go at the moment. At least I can do my normal stitching when the time isnt right to concentrate on the knitting.


Katrina said...

Hi Margaret, your comment on my blog yesterday gave me my giggle for the day, can you tell I'm an organising freak (probably too much for my own good sometimes!!)

good luck with the knitting - it will all be worth it in the end :)
and also, my thoughts are with you.

abeautifulcraft said...

I envy you with knitting .. I can't even knit purl ... without dropping a stitch and would need utter silence to get one row done. hehehe ..... I'd end up either tossing knitting needles across room .. or doing myself damage with them! LOL
Your jumper looks gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!

abeautifulcraft said...

With your Irish Welcome x stitch, I think you will find that the writing will stand out more so when you complete it ... if not happy still, why not do a shadow sort of stitch, using the green in the design and a running stitch along one edge. Hope that made sense .. lol I'm talking double dutch today it seems!

Andie said...

Hey Maggie :) Your knitting looks lovely to me! I LOVE the colour of your wool! I am knitting for Elle at the moment :)

As always, your stitching is gorgeous!



Rowyn said...

The knitting looks great, as does the Irish welcome. Look forward to seeing more progress.

Stitchingnow said...

Both projects are looking good.

Singular Stitches said...

The knit is gorgeous!! I love that color with the cables!! Beautiful!!

Kiwi Jo said...

LOVE the cardy - if it turns out to biug for you just send ot over to me lol! Glad to hear you are keeping busy.