Thursday, June 15, 2006

SBQ - Stitching books

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How many cross stitch books do you own and how often do you use them?

It was easier to show my books in a photo.  These are just the cross stitch ones.  I have a lot of other needlework books too, which include ones about stumpwork, needlepoint and embroidery.

I rarely use any of these books, one day I will stitch a few of my Paula Vaughans.  I use all the motif ones in the middle for small etc, and I havent used the Jo Verso books for ages.

I had a lot more cross stitch books, that I was given when I first started stitching, but these have long been sold or given away.


abeautifulcraft said...

I only have a couple of books now. My two favorites, one is on Christmas items, which a friend in USA sent to me and another is from my Mum, farm animals. I've never made anything from either of them!

casa da nana said...


I just found out your blog and I think it's lovely
I'm also a cat lover.. I have 2 of my own :)

I have a lot of cross stitch magazines and books and I can get rid of any of them.. I keep them all in big boxes.. :)


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