Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What a great day for stitching

FOG!!!! in all directions and its getting heavier. Reminds me of growing up in the Waikato. The fire is cranked up and I have decided today is a stitching day. I took a few photos standing in the middle of my street and every direction looks the same. We are surrounded by hills but they have disappeared. I don't think they will reappear today just quietly.

This is a photo of Reefton from the hills behind our house. Much nicer on a sunny day.

I have just been wondering where everyone is. Lives must be busy. If you do visit my blog please leave a comment so I know you have called in.

I thought I would show you a picture of my Thomas Kinkade & collection (a mixture of kits and patterns. The only one not there is Light of peace which is one of my UFOs...also included in the photo are my other big kits...labradors and various big cats. One day I will stitch all these...wall space may be the problem here. But in the meantime its nice to throw them on the floor and look at them.


abeautifulcraft said...

I so enjoyed reading your blog - quite some time later here I am posting in comments. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog ... I will call in and visit more often.
We had fog the other day, when I woke it was 'foggy' no mountains, but could still see the fence line in distance. By 8am, I couldn't see 3 meters in front of me - never seen such full on fog. Pretty though.
Have a lovely day!

Nicki said...

Those photos look lovely though - a proper autumn and proper seasons! Much nicer than muggy damp Auckland :)

You've got a lovely Siberian Tiger in amongst that collection. I don't think I've seen that chart before - must go and browse the online sites! LOL!

Stitchie Kiwi said...

*Waving*! I'm here! ... I'm incredibly busy - way, way too busy :) But life is good :)

I'm enjoying your blog - loved your little kitty finish, and loved your foggy/unfoggy pictures, I love the West Coast!

Andie said...

HI :) Your photos took me back to the Wet coast LOL Thanks for sharing! Your Thomas Kinkade collection looks fantastic :)