Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Scissor fob sent away

Yesterday I sent the scissor fob I stitched for my partner in the stitchNZ scissor fob exchange. I really hope she likes it. I used Needle Necessities Bavarian Grape, overdyed floss, so its a mixture of purple and blue colours. I used ribbon and beads for the 'cord' and 'tassel' just for a different effect from how I usually do things.

I brought my daughter a recorder yesterday...shes not learning it at school yet - my son is, and has his own recorder - but I wanted her to get a good head start. Previously she used to blow into her brothers recorder and just get the general screech. So I taught her 3 notes 'B, A & G' Teaching her how to blow softly...showing her at the same time on her brothers recorder really helped. She sat practising, and after 2 hours she could play 'Mary had a little lamb'. I had drawn out the notes and written the letters underneath. Of course my som was horrified that she had picked it up so quickly.

I bypassed the recorder at school because I was playing the viola, and then moved onto the oboe and clarinet. I think my daughter may have inherited some of my music talent...hopefully :) I still manage to churn out a few good tunes on the recorder, and can usually play a song I like after a couple of goes. I have been thinking of taking up music playing again and might go to a violin or even a tin whistle - but at this stage I am quite happy teaching the children.

It is foggy again...what a surprise, I thought if the fog lifts at lunch time I might go and have a hit round the golf course...blow out some cobwebs before my impending hospital visit next week.

Next week is one Im not looking forward too, the hospital visit I can take, the long drive over to Christchurch thrills me to bits but I will deal with it, but it will be the 10 year anniversary of my oldest sons death. Its hard to believe the time has gone so fast...but it still as fresh in my mind now as way back then. It will certainly be a day of reflection.

So off I go now to make some individual pizzas and other goodies for the childrens lunch boxes while I am away...keeps them happy :)


Marsha said...

I played the clarinet in band. I admit I was a band geek. :) My oldest daughter played the clarinet also and my second daughter played the flute.

Katrina said...

Hi Margaret, thats a lovely fob, I'm sure the recipient will love it too.

Your needleroll is coming along great:)