Monday, May 01, 2006

Productive Weekend

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Its good to get things finished.  As you can see this is how I finished the Stitchy Kitty freebie.  I am really pleased with I have to find somwhere to hang it.  But its great there are a variety of ways of finishing small pictures, and with all the lovely quilting fabrics available, well, what can I say.

I also started and finished the scissor fob for the scissor fob exchange I am running on my stitchNZ group.  I have given everyone a month, but I had itchy fingers and just had to get it done, while I had inspiration.  I can't post a picture until near the end of May.

Other than that, not a lot has happened in my neck of the woods.  On Saturday I performed a full scale search for my dog around town., she is 12 and starting to get cataracts, which worrys me with crossing roads etc, she also gets arthritis, but she must go to the river.  As labradors do.  I thought she may have followed my son on his paper round, but he got back and hadnt seen her.  I had been to the river, to the back of the hotels and cafes (food smells are a magnet), to the old miners hut because they make scones over the open fire which is another drawcard for hungry hounds.  No one had seen her.  My son went off and found her at the police station, I think shed done her rounds and would wait there for one of the family to pick her up.  I dont know how she got out....this house is like Fort Knox with gates and fences...I think the main gate had been left open, and Zoe made her escape.  Poor old girl, shes young at heart but forgets her limitations...she was a bit sore the next day.

Saturday night I was up late doing Community Patrol which I organise,  While doing general observations my partner thought I was nodding off, so he took me down to the cafe (closed) owned by another patroller and got me a coffee, I think he wanted one more than I did.  (To be honest I wasnt mentally prepared to deal with things that a bit bored)  I wasnt rostered on that night, but someone else pulled out, and as I couldnt be bothered tracking down anyone at such late notice, I did it.  I could have been sitting in the warmth stitching preferably.

Went for a drive yesterday around the West Coast in the was good to see.  We did a bit of geo-caching and driving down roads, just to see where they went LOL. Which is a lot of fun for miss junior, who constantly needs to know why we are going down 'this road' when it looked just like the last. I'm glad we did that yesterday, because this morning it is really foggy, and looks like more rain.

School went back today, the kids couldn't get out the door quick enough.  So I have the house to myself again. Very quiet.



Heather said...

I love your finish. Ah your dog looks a sweetie. My Aunt has black labs and my cousin has just got a chocolate lab, one of the labs is a stud and he finally fathered a chocolate one (after 245 blacks and 2 cream!!).

abeautifulcraft said...

I'm so pleased you found Zoe! She is beautiful, labs have the most gorgeous, friendly faces. Your "meow" wall quilt, is so cute. My DH always comments on our cats talking meoweneese. lol