Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Needleroll Progress

I hope everyone had a great mothers day. Mine was wonderful. My daughter made me a card and gave me some hairclips (she doesnt want them anymore), my son brought me a card but made me a cat poster, and my DH gave me a DVD of The Corrs Live at Lansdowne Road...which I absolutely love. He also ran around after me all day, letting me watch my DVD, and do a bit of stitching. He made me a yummy lunch then for dinner he made a yummy chicken vindaloo which we had with a bottle of bubbly. A really lovely day.

Despite all the relaxing time, I didnt do much stitching. It was the needleroll SAL weekend, so this is the small amount of progress I did on it.

It was an unusual weekend to say the least. There was a horrible accident just down the road where a car dropped of the road into the river (where I took that photo a couple of days ago on my bike ride) and a local girl lost her life...so the mood of the town was very grim. That was on Thursday night and I never saw DH for around 16 hours + . On Friday night I did patrol again, and that was cold, chasing around after young guys doing wheelies then abandoning vehicles because they had flat tyres. DH had the weekend off (that was unusual LOL) On Saturday we had a Search & Rescue exercise happening, so there was an Iriquois helecopter thundering around all day, and people wandering around our yards searching for people. It was sunny on Saturday, and poured with rain on Sunday. Yesterday there was snow in the hills and it was bitterly cold...with a freezing frost. (I took my dog for a long walk in the bush behind Reefton to try and warm up). Today same freezing frost but a fog as well. Brrrrr.

I am mentally preparing myself to do some housework and then go to the school to a book fair, so I better sign off and get ready.

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