Friday, May 12, 2006

A little bit more added to my CQ bag

I did some stitching on my crazy quilt bag last night. Just adding a bit more to my trellis picture. This area is taking me a while because I add something, then I don't know what to add next. I would much rather take my time here, so the little garden doesn't end up looking a mess. I added foxgloves here...french knots...yuk.
I'm not sure where I will go from here.

I added some pohutukawas to one of the seams...I felt I needed a New Zealand flower or two added somewhere on the bag. I saw some fan stitches in my embroidery book, and thought...hmmm pohutukawas. Its good when a bit of inspiration strikes.


Nicki said...

Love the pohutakawas. You're right - they look just perfect :)

Nancy in IL said...

Can't wait to see your CQ bag when all finished! Your embroidery is just gorgeous. You're quite a talented stitcher, Margaret! I'm impressed!

Lisa said...

Your embroidery is beautiful!

abeautifulcraft said...

Your embroidery is stunning, as are your gorgeous seam treatments ..... Your bag is going to be so yummy!