Saturday, May 06, 2006

Like I need more patterns - but.....

No I havent brought any more, but I found one of my old stitching diarys, and on the back pages I had all the patterns and kits I owned. A few years ago, I sold a lot of these because 1: I had far too many and would never stitch them all and 2: I needed the money.

I looked at the names of these patterns and most were well known and I could remember what they looked like. Some I had to look upon the internet to jog my memory. Of the ones I sold, some I wouldnt give the time of day for, but one I saw, made me regret my decision in selling it.

I only found one photo of it in someones webshot album, couldnt find it listed in any needlework shops. So I gather it is out of print. Now the pattern I am talking about is a Dimensions Chart & Charms called Seasons of the Heart by Charles Wysocki. I don't know why I sold is a really lovely picture.

How do I go about getting hold of this pattern again? I have contacted Dimensions about it and will see what they say. I guess I have to hope that some shop has it in a dusty back corner, just looking for a home.

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LynnP said...

I don't know if you've already found this elsewhere, but it's on Australian Ebay today.