Monday, May 08, 2006

I feel flat!!!

Well, the much hoped for transfer that my DH applied for wasnt to be. So we stay in this town till something else comes along. I have mixed feelings...I really wanted to move so I could start earning some real money again instead of this casual part time stuff I have to contend with. We will have been here a year next month. I can not get over how fast the time has gone. The previous town I lived in, I was well set up with my own businesses, and they were jobs I could work around the family. I havent been so sucessful here...I thought the gardening would have been a bit more fruitful. But no. Something may come along...the positive to come out of the negative, is now I have more time to set something up here...NOT!!!!
Trying to be cheery but it isnt working. We waited so long to hear about this job. Sorry Nic, I wont be a neighbour just yet :(

Tomorrow the vet is visiting me to check on my oldest cat..Harwood...she is 17 in September...and she is deaf and she is also starting to go blind. My oldest guy Scruffy died last year and he was 16 and blind. He was the biggest, most malest slob of a cat you could wish to meet. 5 years ago I had 9 cats...yes "every life deserves 9 cats" and slowly they have passed away. I lost 3 cats last year...that was hard. My best friend is a vet in Hamilton and when I was living there, I used to take my cats along to her teaching seminars as demonstration animals. During that time I can honestly say none of them had high temperatures LOL. I hope Harwood gets a clean bill of health tomorrow. Animals...where would we be without them. My other 2 cats Sid & Misty are fine...and Zoe my dog...well shes 12, a good age for a lab.

No stitching today....but I got out in the reserve over the road, and raked up most of the leaves to use as mulch on my vege garden over winter. People were stopping to ask if I got a job with the council...I wish...LOL!


Mel in Dubai said...

Followed the link to your blog from Nicki's (Plush). I've enjoyed reading it :)

I'm sorry your DH didn't get the job transfer - maybe there is something better on the horizon?

Good luck for Harwood tomorrow - I hope he gets the thumbs up from the vet :)

Von said...

What a disappointment for you that the transfer didn't come through. I hope something fantastic for both of you comes along soon.

~*~Nicola~*~ said...

well Poo! we'll leave a vacnat seat for you at our next stitch n b!tch just in case you turn up ;)