Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A good day to be sure :)

Thank you for the best wishes for Harwood. She is fine, she got a clean bill of health from the 2 vets that came and visited me yesterday...she is growing old gracefully. I am so happy. While here the vets checked my dog...shes in good health and the other 2 cats...same with them. A great relief I can tell you.

Yesterday was a better day, still a bit of gloom and doom around the house, but seeing DH had the day off we went for a walk up to an old coal mine. It was a gorgeous area with lots of birds and we were joined by a fantail and a curious weka. Lots of wonderful rusty relics too and not just me :)

Here is an old coal trolley they used to run along railway tracks.

Yesterday I received 4 balls of Valdani variegated perle thread. I love the colours and will be great for canvas work. I am always drawn towards variegated can do so much with them.

When I went to the Online Needlework show a few weeks ago, I put my name in for a door prize...and guess what my name was drawn out of the hat. Couldn't believe it. I won a beautiful needlework kit from Carolyn Barrani's The Tapis-Tree. It arrived today. Its gorgeous. Its a kit to make a cushion...cream wool on cream fabric. I love that look. All I can say is wow...what a blessing to win something that will probably never be available here in New Zealand. Obviously not the sort of thing to stitch straight after gardening. LOL. And something not to have in a coal fired house :(

Heres a close up to show the cushion better....

Also in the post today I got a package from my friend Andie. She was my partner in the stitchNZ scissor fob exchange. Andie stitched for me the lovliest fob. I love the colours...gorgeous, shes very talented. The fabric is hand dyed mint green linen. I love it.

And she stitched our names on the back

Dear Andie also sent me 6 packets of Mill Hill and DMC beads. And I had none of them in my collection...amazing!!! These will be very handy for everything I do. And the sweetest card was sent that did make me smile. Thanks so much are a gem :)

So yesterday was good and today is even better.


Nancy in IL said...

Margaret, I'm so relieved for you that your furry family were fine. Also, what a wonderful haul you've made lately with all your gifts (beautiful!), and the doorprize is just lovely! I adore the way it looks, but I don't know what kind of stitching that is. It makes an interesting and beautiful pillow (or cushion as you NZ'ers call them ;-)

abeautifulcraft said...

Loved the pictures of the old relics, you had me chuckling that you were not one of them.
Am so pleased your Harwood is okay and growing old gracefully. Loosing pets is the hardest to cope with, I've two old cats and two old dogs ... 16 years. I'm going to miss them when it's their time to leave.... :-(
Your door prize is wonderful, cream on cream always looks so magical - your fob is beautiful as well. It's been a long time since I made one of these ....
As for your posting to a different job, I always look at things this way ... sometimes things are not meant to be, cause there is something better out there for us .... chin up, sending you huge huggles .....