Friday, May 05, 2006

Getting some fresh air

Another job I do is electrical meter reading, so when I got some reads to do at a little village called Blacks Point which is 4 ks away, I decided to bike out there. Its a lovely day, and it was neat just biking along hearing the native birds and getting back to nature. I thought I would share some photos of some of the houses and other areas of interest along the way. Blacks Point was an old gold mining town and up behind the town are lots of walks to old gold mines. I went up there one day and to get right round took me 5 hours. When I was in Blacks Point the other day, one of the old timers there, took me and showed me an old stamper battery that still works. Stamper batterys would crush the quartz rock and release the gold for processing. Fantastic stuff - totally run by water.

Blacks Point Museum

A lovely little house

No one lives here

This lovely one is for sale

Another house long since abandoned

The Inangahua River which runs between Reefton and Blacks Point

The Reefton Court House now an art gallery

Finally, here is Signs of Winter by Bent Creek that I won on auction. Fantastic auction it was too by the way LOL. I think its so adorable and I can't wait to stitch it.

At the moment I am stitching Max's Moon, and though I love the picture so much, its a little tedious on black, and I always find the Cross My Heart charts a little taxing too. All the colours of the cats are in various shades of grey which doesnt help the situation. But I will persevere, because it is definately one picture I want up on my wall.


Von said...

Looks like it was a wonderful day for a bike ride. Thanks for sharing some of your pics with us!!
Thanks too for your comments on my blog - I really appreciate you coming to visit. :D

abeautifulcraft said...

Imagine if these quaint very old houses could speak - the history and stories they could tell!! I'd have a wonderful time admiring this, I love history of any type! Thanks for sharing the photos and I'm glad it's you peddling a bike.... 4 kms lol

Nicki said...

Beautiful photos! So much more interesting than where we are :)

Those Bent Crek charts are really cute!