Thursday, April 06, 2006


Over the last couple of days 2 things have crossed my mind. Firstly finding a good retail oulet of needlework supplies from overseas, to get some of the stash that other bloggers are blessed with...purchased or gifted. I guess it is a matter of going through the sites I know and weighing up the freight costs etc. I think I have been sitting in a stash desert for too long now. I need to expand. Of course this wont help my UFO status...but who is too short...and everyone is entitled to happiness LOL I get depressed...I see those gorgeous Martina Weber designs...oh I can't cope!!!!

Anyhow, the 2nd thing I was thinking about was, when I first started going online and the groups I was part of. One of the earliest was Xstitch Buddies, and I signed up for the UFO group. The UFO I was stitching (which is still a UFO) is still listed on the site. I met a lot of good friends on that group (cyberly speaking). I don't even know if the group still exists. Another group I was part of was Cross Stitch Pals. From there I advanced and started up a yahoo group called stitchAid. A few of the people from Xstitch buddies joined. Now I just run stitchNZ which is a New Zealand Yahoo stitching group.
There are some people that I really got on well with, that I thought I might list here, and if anyone knows them, they could let me know.

Sue Drury (Kinkell) from Australia
Candi Blackstone Arkansas USA
Katie Althouse Tennessee USA

These ladies were avid stitchers. It would be neat to know that they are still stitching. Maybe they have blogs. I wonder if they ever think about me!!!

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Nancy in IL said...

Margaret, welcome to the Stitching Bloggers' world! I'm so glad you joined us! Seems I can keep up with you better this way.

As for buying stash, I don't hold back; like you said, life is too short, and mine is getting really short :). It doesn't stop me though, but I have plenty of sources and cheap postage. As for Martina Weber, I have Convent Herbal Garden, and I paid a small fortune for the kit from European XS, and I got this beautiful pkg. that was a work of art itself from Kathy there, and it was so overwhelming, it's still untouched. That was two years ago. ROFLMAO!

I'll contact you via email and give you a good source for cheap stash and good international shipping rates.