Monday, April 10, 2006

Rain, rain and more rain!!!!!!

I think I have forgotten to mention how much it rains in the small town we live in. Other New Zealanders will know about the rainfall on the West Coast (wet coast) of the South Island. After having an almost rainfree summer here in Reefton, we have had nonstop rain for almost 2 weeks. This has benefits...great gardens, lots of greeness and plenty of stitching time. The downfall of course is getting totally soaked every time you go outside and planning to do things only to have the plans spoilt because of the weather. Its the bane of my life at the moment, me being a gardener and all, after living in the dryest part of New Zealand for 5 years then coming to the wettest. Oh well........

Today I went on a school trip with 2 classes of age 11-13 hormone raging children all crammed in a bus for an hour each way, to the Polytech in Greymouth, to show the children career options for the future. Not a bad trip really. One of the other parent helpers took her quilting project and stitched away in the bus. She was so relaxed. All I thought about was my stitching, but I would of had my needle going in all directions on the bumpy road.

Anyway as far as stitching goes, I didnt do anymore on my needleroll yesterday...watched a DVD last night instead and got some more done on my rainbow gem. I am using metallic threads and rayons. Probably the 2 worst thread types to use but they are both so shiney. I have just scanned this picture, so it hasnt shown the shine. (And some of the stitches dont look right - they look quite wonky in fact). The end photo will show it, if of course it is a sunny day....thats a laugh.

Heres a progress shot...

This looks nothing like the photo of the ornament that goes with the instructions on on the Rainbow Gallery site. I don't know what I have done wrong or right. I have made changes to the pattern, and I like how it have turned out, so I am happy. The middle diamond is the front, and I have made it, so the vertical lines around the diamond will be folded to the back and make the 'back' of the diamond. So it will be like a little scissor fob, then I will stuff it and make a cord and tassle. It will be clearer when I show you a finished picture.

I love greens and purples together. They sit opposite each other on the colour wheel. The third colour is orange. A lot of florists use these 3 colours in arrangements and it looks quite stunning.

So I have picked this ornament as my one for the year. (I do an ornament for myself, DH and the 2 children each year).

Ive sent an email to my stitchNZ yahoo group to see if anyone would be interested in doing a scissor fob exchange. I will see how many takers there are. We've done a few exchanges over the years...Christmas ornaments mainly, a fob excahnge and spring goodie bag exchange too. We also had a couple of birthday exchanges which were fun. Just sending threads for each birthday.

See the rain is has encouraged me to be more stitchful :)


Stitchie Kiwi said...

Looks good to me! I love purple and green too :) ... the needleroll is very pretty too.

AnneS said...

Your needleroll is looking good ... hanging head in shame, I didn't even get started on mine - there's always next month, though, and I'll get mine kitted up ready to start :)

Your Gem looks stunning! I always used to think I was strange as a kid - I'd often colour things in with greens and purple, and love that combination - your ornie is going to look awesome all finished :D

Von said...

Oh, so much rain! I live in the dry area of our state; we had rain for six hours straight this morning, then the clouds began to break up. That's a long rain for us, lol!
Do you find that so much rain and grayness affects your mood? I feel sure that if I ever had to live in W. Washington St. that I'd definitely be on antidepressants! I hope the sky clears soon for you so you can get back to your garden.