Friday, April 07, 2006

Now I have been tempted...

Well that does it. I have looked and been tempted. What am I talking about you might ask??? Well........Its one of the Martina Weber designs. I have liked it for ages and forgot about it till I started looking at peoples blogs. You are all to blame!!! I have always liked Watergarden. I was looking at the Chatelaine site and the EuropeanXS site, which led me to the EZboard forum, from there I found the dreaded pattern and fabric viewer. But going there helped me make my final choice...because I am weak and I waivered off the track. Ok, I liked Watergarden, then I saw Alhambra Garden. I actually liked the way you could see more fabric in the background of Alhambra. But after playing with fabric colours I decided to stick with my first choice and mentally noted that Watergarden is the one for me. (I forgot to mention about the other 2 patterns I saw...but I was confused enough as it was, without confusing you all) So now I am trying to toss up to buy or not to buy.

First reasoning factor... Its so gorgeous.

Other reasoning factors were....
1: the design is smaller than some of the others (weak excuse)
2: it uses lots of DMC (I have tonnes of these to use up)
3: my DH has used Paypal and my birthday is in about 4 months and sometimes he needs help with ideas (actually the weakest excuse...because if I want something I will just get it)

But reasoning factors get shot down in flames, because they come from the heart and guess head says NO I need another project just like I need a hole in the thing.

Hmmmm....maybe I should set a goal for myself...finish a certain amount of UFOs and maybe next year I could get it. That seems reasonable. Just like saving for a new car or holiday . I will see what happens. In the meantime, I have downloaded a few of the mandala freebies. Perhaps I will slip one of those in this year, and see if I like stitching it.... YEAH RIGHT!!!!!

Did I mention that my weakness has led me to change my rotation and start stitching something new. Well I just changed one thing. And have gone out of order somewhat.

So this is what I decided on March 26

1: Max's Moon
2: Pukeko Sunset
3: CQ Bag
4: Admidst The Poinsettias

The change is No.4. Scrap Admidst the Poinsettias.

I have changed that for Jean Hilton's Rainbow Gem #1 from the Rainbow Gallery site.

So the revised rotation is:

1: Max's Moon
2: Pukeko Sunset
3: CQ Bag
4: Rainbow Gem #1

Whether or not I can stick to that is another story. I am also thinking of joining in with a needleroll SAL with Katrina I have a couple of needlerolls in my stash to do. So that could be good incentive. It starts this weekend I think.

Thank goodness we have a hobby we love so much...and we can chop and change as much as we like. It makes stitching all the more fun :)


andrea said...

Yes, come and join us in the needleroll SAL, the more the merrier. :)

TwistedCandles said...

I'm in love with Watergarden too! Especially after seeing Lisa's WIP pics of it.

AnneS said...

Have to admit, Watergarden was the very first Chatelaine design I saw and loved ... and I still keep looking at it and thinking 'one day' ;P PayPal definitely makes it easier for us unfortunate creatures who live in the back of beyond (ie Down Under) to access these sorts of goodies :)

As for rotations - I think I've changed mine about 4 times in the last month, and still haven't started stitching it yet ... maybe in May haha.