Saturday, April 08, 2006

Needleroll SAL

I need to modify my rotation slightly now. I will be adding the Needleroll SAL, which will take place the 2nd weekend of each month. Thats this weekend..


1: Max's Moon
2: Pukeko Sunset
3: CQ Bag
4: Rainbow Gem #1

Needleroll SAL: (2nd weekend of each month)
Violet Roll by Shepherds Bush (Is actually a UFO)

Hopefully I will be able to add a list of the other stitchers doing this SAL, so I can keep up with their progress too.

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Von said...

Just thought I'd leave a note that I followed the link from a comment you made on Andrea's blog. I see you haven't had this blog long, and wanted to welcome you to the community. :)
There are lots of wonderful stitchers here and you'll have fun seeing what everyone's doing.
Good luck with your new rotation. One thing I've found is that my rotation is almost constantly changing, at least once a month I have to modify, lol!