Saturday, April 22, 2006

How did this get into my rotation???

Image hosting by Photobucket Proof of stitching last night.  Just a little freebie from Stitchy Kitty, to pass the time.  It sort of fell into my rotation unintentionally.  Really don't know how it got there.  Just appeared LOL.

Nancy asked a question about my Rainbow Gem ornaments.   They are canvas work, but I am doing them on aida.  The edge stars are double straight crosses...A X sitting on top of a +.  The side stitches are satin stitches and the woven areas are like doing that craft that was popular years ago where you wind threads around nails to make patterns.  Can't think of the name.  The pattern I am using is at the Rainbow Gallery site under Needlework freebies.

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