Wednesday, April 12, 2006

First Christmas Ornament Finished (Rainbow Gem)

One of my stitching resolutions for this year has come to fruition. I have finished an ornament and it is only April. Generally I start stitching my ornaments in December. This past Christmas my ornament went up on the tree on January 5th, and the tree came down the day after. So I decided to space out stitching ornaments through-out the year, and that way, if I accumulate some more to stitch for people, these can be done in December LOL.

I have included a photo of the back, so you can see how the ornament was finished. Please don't look too closely at the tassle and cord, I have never been very good at making these and mine never look as polished as some other stitchers finished projects do.

The colours havent come up as well as I hoped in the photo. The gakky carpet underneath never helped, but it is a cloudy day and I never seem to get accurate colours. The threads used were DMC metallic 5289 (purple) and 5269 (green)
and DMC rayon 30471 (chartreuse), there was a rayon purple thrown in too. I have to say that using metallics and rayons isnt the flashest, but the finished results are lovely. Thanks goodness for DMC Light Effects replacing the metallics. So much easier to use, and lots more colours. I am starting to collect these :)


Von said...

Congratulations on meeting one of your goals for the year!! Keep it up and your tree will be full of new ornies this year! :D

AnneS said...

Yeah, baby! Looks great!! I just love those bright colours ... great job :D

Nancy in IL said...

Margaret, I love the ornament! The green and purple are wonderful together, and I don't see anything unpolished about it. I have green and putple in one bathroom, but more muted. It's a beautiful combination.

WTG, girl! Keep this up, and you won't be stitching ornaments on Christmas Day this year, lol!

~*~Nicola~*~ said...

ok I think I could do something like that... it looks great!!

Andie said...

It looks great Margaret! :) I love the colour combination!

Lisa said...

That's so cool! Congratulations. I think it looks great.