Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Extra for today

EBAY....This is one of those avenues I don't want to venture down...just too tempting. I dont have a credit card which helps, and I havent discovered the joys of paypal yet (probably a blessing). Anyhow when I did have a small venture (just window shopping), I happen to spot a couple of things I might be tempted to get (DH can help me out here with purchasing things)...and gasp...horror...gulp...one of my stitching allies has put a bid on them. Because I am of high moral standards (LOL), I couldnt possibly bid against her. You know who I mean...hunter of needlerolls at the moment......not looking at anyone from Australia in particular :) It made me start thinking, I wonder how many people out there actually start bidding against each other. Its happened to me on our New Zealand Ebay equivalent called TradeMe, a couple of times. Of course I didnt know the other peoples user names till way down the track. The online auctions can bring lots of joy (hunting down the big bargain), a less fattening substitute to chocolate, some guilty feelings when the cursor slips on the 'buy now' button, and disapointment when you lose an auction for a much wanted 'treasure'. And to get the resulting wins in the mail is such fun.

An extra note to my earlier post is....yes Nic, those are highlander colours...I am so proud of my daughter for choosing them (they would have been my 2nd choice for an ornament for myself (my ornament is actually also my favourite Ford colours). GO OTAGO!!!!! (For those that don't know what the heck I am on about...The highlanders are one of our great New Zealand regional rugby teams).


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AnneS said...

Teehee ... Steve Irwin eat your heart out! The Needleroll Hunter is here ;P Wrestling crocs has nothing on the tense online bidding in the world of Ebay - especially those last 5 minutes when it's getting frantic for those "must haves" haha. Feel free to bid to your hearts content :) I've pretty much bidded to my limit on the needlerolls ... I now have enough NR's for about 2 years worth of stitching haha. Oh, it feels soooo good to hear the word "rugby" ... Aussies have no concept of the word! (well, in Victoria anyway, where the boys here don't know how to play on a pitch that has straight sides ...) - yes, I now live in AFL country, and nothing else exists ho-hum. As much as I now live here, I still can't bring myself to barrack for the 'green and gold' ... I'm All Black thru and thru :D Hate to tell you, but you can also use a bank account in PayPal on Ebay mwahahahaha ...

Lisa said...

It's all Katrina's fault, you know. She's got an international needleroll craze going.

I got a couple of charts from Ebay a while back. I have often wondered since then if I bid against any of you guys. lol I have also lost some wonderful stash bids.

I have paypal. That's how I get paid for my freelance writing, but I seem to be keeping it as a savings account. It's been handy a few times, though. Ebay is dangerous territory.

~*~Nicola~*~ said...

Andie's got it sorted LOL

love reading your stuff, give me a yell when you come to chch sometime!