Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Brought some stash

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Yesterday I took pity on some of the ever growing moths and let them out of my purse.  I went over to Greymouth and wandered around the shops in the pouring rain, while DH was in the dentist having 2 teeth extracted (hehe).  As I stood in the needlecraft shop watching water drip down one of the walls, and thinking this was about as miserable as home, a light came on and I thought to myself instead of feeling down, put the cruddy weather to my advantage.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out, lots of rain means lots of stitching time in front of the fire :)  So to celebrate this brainwave, and also to stop the looks from passerbys - as my purse looks like a pregnant cat (impatient moths) - I brought a few things.  Nothing too exciting....5 reels of ribbon (on sale) and 4 skeins of variegated perle thread.  The 2 FQs of quilting fabric were from a previous purchase, and will be used to make flat folds and various other finishes.



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