Wednesday, March 22, 2006

What Will The Day Bring?

Wow, I have comments on my posts...excellent. Mindyou you girls that did comment, I guess it was an inevitable thing as I did let you know I had started blogging.

Nic: My bag will be purely decorative...but if I get into the Historic Victorian thing, it could be used. (Historic week is celebrated in Oamaru...not far from where I previously lived and where I want to eventually live - but thats another story!!!!) Once sewn up, the bag will have a drawstring at the be honest I am moving blindly with this...I have lots of ideas but not even I will know how this will turn out.

Andie: All this blogging is a bit of a hoot. I have read peoples blogs and never commented because I didnt have an account. But I must remember not to spend too long on here...the time just flies.

Kerry: Good to see you Kerry. My bag is my creative outlet at the moment, quite good for destressing.

Anne: I have got Nancys blog already. As with the others, I never had an account to ever comment on it, but its always been in my favs. Maxs Moon really is a sweetie...I love it...should of had him finished years ago LOL

Ok, well today the sun is out. When we moved over here, all we heard about was the rainy West Coast. When it rains, it does so as though it will never stop, but we have had our fair share of fine weather too. The plum tree never got pruned started to rain LOL. I just got another gardening job last night. I have had one already - that took all last week to finish. So I think as my name gets round more people will ring. Its been 9 months in the making but good things take time I guess. I have totally revamped the garden round this house...added a large native garden which will hopefully grow into a forest. Things grow well here. Maybe its the rain.

I did some more to my cq bag last night...just a little bit because I was on here playing with this blog. Just added some lazy daisys to the bottom of the arch.

The lazy daisys are stitched with a dyepot variegated thread. I quite like the look of the oranges against the purple. I think I will have a garden thing happening around the arch. So I can play with colours and stitches.

Better go and poke my head out the door and see where today takes me :)

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