Thursday, March 23, 2006

UFO Box - Time To Tidy Up

Now thats a scary thought. It has to be done though. I have no idea what is lurking around in there. In some respects I can see it wouldn't be a good idea because the guilt I'd feel would be a bit much to bear. I was thinking about diving in all day...and kept putting it off. This may need a therapy session afterwards. I think UFOs have been the cloud above my head for longer than I care to remember. I do remember the reasons UFOs came into my life and it was about the same time I discovered the internet. Searching for cross stitch pattern subjects lead me to a world I had no idea existed. I still remember sitting there with mouth wide open looking at the TIAG website. Blue Moon Angel was the first pattern I saw. I still love Lavender & lace, but the only one I have ever stitched was the 1997 freebie angel. Anyway I think I will make the UFO box the aim for the weekend. Wish me luck.


Kerry said...

Wishing you good luck. Should we send a search party if we don't hear from you by Monday morning?

Andie said...

Good Luck Maggie :)

Just remember.... there is no guilt in stash.... LOL... even UFO stash

If you don't love it anymore... give it away :)