Friday, March 24, 2006

UFO Box - Surprises

After kissing my family goodbye, I dived in to the formidable UFO box. Not too bad, quite tidy but I found packets of needles I had forgotten I need extra needles, I have about 60 already. I found bags full of threads that pals from the States had sent me, some even had packets of beads included.

Now with the new found threads...mainly means I have to do a stock-take. I keep a record of all threads on Cross Magic (software for organising cross stitch stash), and I have bags of all the extra threads (keeping them together in colour families). I have the full set of DMC in 4 floss boxes. As I use a thread up from the floss box, I replace it, and make note of it on Cross Magic. I did have a good 2 -3 full sets of DMC, these bags I have found will increase this amount quite considerably. As for the UFOs, I really should get into a rotation and clear a few of them out. For me the thought of a rotation is easier said than done!!

Some of the UFOs were for people I dont even associate with anymore, so these can be unpicked and the fabric used for something else. I have even got the Angel of Cross Stitch by Joan Elliott (in the cross stitcher magazine June 1999) sitting there that used every single DMC thread that was around at the time. I joined a support group and we did really well with stitching that angel. I think most people even finished. It was a real buzz at the time.

I thought I was good hauling out Max's Moon to stitch this year. I am going to have to rethink this now. Either rotation of about 6 projects, or stick to 2 projects, 1 current and 1 UFO. hmmmmm!!!!

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