Tuesday, March 21, 2006

This Is Looking Better

I am starting to find my way around this blog now. Added a few links to the sidebar. Hopefully I will have a few more to add once I let people know I am blogging now.
Now onto the reason for this blog. These are the 2 cross stitch pictures I am working on at the moment.

Max's Moon

This has been an UFO for some time and I decided last year I needed to work on some of my UFOs...they cant sit in the cupboard anymore. It wouldnt be fairon them and they were once loved quite a lot...thats why I chose to start them.

The plan was to work on the UFOs and not start anything new (other than the ornaments I will do during the year or presents for people). Then came along the next WIP.

Pukeko Sunset

Naughty I know...but one of my stitching friends did this and it looked gorgeous, so I couldnt resist.

As well as these I am making a Victorian Crazy Quilting bag. This has been on my 'to-do' list for quite some time. I am having fun addind fancy embroidery, beads and charms to this. And its nice to do something different from cross stitch for a change. Here are a couple of photos just to show what I am doing on the bag:

This is all the stash for the bag lying on the floor.

This is the fabric sewn together. Have never done quilting before - a totally new experience.

A gold spiders web (stitched with DMC metallic gold thread) complete with spider. In Victorian times ( and today) a spider web is added to crazy quilting for good luck.

This is a mixture of Cretan Stitch, Lazy Daisys (Stitched with DMC floss) and flower buttons.

This was my first attempt at ribbon embroidery. Not too bad. The vine and leaves were stitched with DMC Perle No.5.

Well the sun has come out and I have a plum tree to cut down a bit. I dont think it has had a prune for several years. We have been at this house for 9 months now and a whole heap of changes have had to be made with the gardens and trees.


~*~Nicola~*~ said...

would love to hear more about the bag - whats it used for?

Andie said...

Margaret!!! I'm so proud of you! LOL It is great to see you here... and I must say I feel very privledged being on your sidebar already....

Kerry said...

Wow Margaret, you're crazy quilt is going to be wonderful. I am totally not a spider girl, but your spider and web are lovely. So's the archway with the roses. Keep up the good work.

AnneS said...

I have Max's Moon in my 'to do' list some time soon - he's just beautiful :) And your crazy quilting is looking awesome - you'd never know it was your first time!! Another blogger is Sharon here in Melbourne who's on a journey of self-discovery and starting to crazy quilt ... while it's not something I'm keen to learn myself, I love seeing yours and Sharon's :)