Thursday, March 30, 2006

Putting The Unpicker To Good Use!

Its been a few days since I last posted, but I have started unpicking old UFO's that I decided I could put the fabric to better use. (Must be the first time I have ever been happy to frog!). I don't even feel guilty about doing it now...whereas a few years ago, I would have been determined to hold onto the project and finish it in the future. A bit hard with one project that was for an ex MIL. Never clears the box a bit, and I get to reuse the fabric for something else. Today the children were home from school - teachers only day - so to amuse myself, while the children were bored, I carried on unpicking and washed 2 fabrics to get rid of the thready bits. They are as good as new now.

My son surprised me and went next door to help our elderly neighbour pick his grape vines. (Obviously determined not to be too bored) He even pruned a couple of trees for him (must have inherited some of my gardening blood - ***make mental note to myself that I may be able to employ him in the future - but may seem uncool to work for Mum, especially as he wants to be a boy racer and do up cars, which horrifys Mr Plod (DH) ("which bright spark invented The Fast & the Furious movies - the bane of Police all around the world no doubt")*** Now we have a bucket of grapes sitting on the kitchen bench, and lots of peaches and pears from the neighbours fruit trees. My son even brought me a bunch of flowers which included my favourite rose...Dublin Bay.

Found out one of my stitchy friends got a much needed job and she starts tomorrow. Good one Andie :)

I on the other hand have started getting all my tax stuff organised in preparation for when the dreaded tax forms arrive. Eek!!! the end of another financial year.

Only a few hours into my rotation...started with Pukeko Sunset and it is amazing how much progress I have made in 5 hours. I am not a fast stitcher, but I am happy with what I have done so far.
Heres a progress photo...

Sorry about the shocking state of the photo. I guess thats what I get for trying out night time photos. When I used the flash the picture was a blur of I stood in front of a lamp pointed at the picture - hence the white ball of light in the middle.
Well enough computer time for me...I'm off to stitch for an hour or so before bed :)


Andie said...

Hey Maggie :)

Your a sweetie :) Job is going well and soon I might know what I am doing LOL

The Pukeko looks FAB!

TwistedCandles said...

What a lovely thing for your son to do! Good for him.